IQMS Hands On Classroom Trainng Policies

IQMS Hands on Training

IQMS offers our customers an extensive list of hands-on training classes. Each training course provides users a personal and interactive learning environment to encourage and stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the concepts being presented. We understand that you are devoting precious time and money to attend our hands-on classes, so we want to guarantee you get the very most out of your training experience. From initial Implementation Overview to more in depth classes like, Quality Systems and Warehouse Management, you are sure to leave with a new set of skills to get the maximum benefits from EnterpriseIQ.

Hands-on training courses are held at the our Paso Robles and Chicago area facilities as well as virtually on a regular schedule. (Visit the complete IQMS Training and Events Calendar to learn about upcoming classes, or click here to download a printable version of the  hands-on training schedule listed by course and location for January through June of 2017.)

Please contact our training department at 847-253-9912 or email if you need additional information on course content or availability.

The IQMS Training Policy for hands-on training at an IQMS facility:

  1. Class times are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified in the course agenda
  2. Computers are available for hands-on training
  3. Dress is business casual
  4. Pastries, coffee, and beverages are provided
  5. All cell phones and pagers are to be silenced while class is in session

Virtual Hands-On Training Classes

IQMS is sensitive to the needs of customers when it comes to training. We understand that at times it may be difficult to leave the office for three to four days.

The Virtual Classes provide the same hands-on training offered at our training facilities, but you never have to leave the office.  Instead of three full days, Virtual Classes will be five consecutive days for four hours each day.  This allows you to gain  structured, in-depth training while still tending to the day-to-day activities in the office.

Click here for more information on current virtual training courses, included day by day agendas. 


Space is sold on a per workstation basis. A price break is given if a workstation is shared with a co-worker. Contact IQMS for availability. For personal, detailed instruction, class sizes are limited to 12 users, up to six companies. Rates are subject to change.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:

If canceling 15 or more days before, there is no charge.
If canceling 14 or less days, there is a 50% charge.

IQMS reserves the right to cancel any training class due to lack of enrollment. All customers will be notified no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Unless otherwise noted above, courses are designed for attendance on all days. Individual course agendas are available upon request.

Substituting attendees is not allowed unless previously approved by IQMS.