IQMS Internet Based Training (IBT) Program for EnterpriseIQ Software

IQMS Virtual Workshops

A Personalized, Less Expensive and Customizable Option to EnterpriseIQ Training

Receive personalized training on the individual modules you need with IQMS' online method of instruction – a Virtual Workshop. While not replacing on-site or classroom training, Virtual Workshops can dramatically enhance training efforts by reducing costs, reducing lead-time, and increasing training focus. Courses are completely customized by the user and can be taught on any topic.

Using remote support and online meeting software, two (or more) computers can connect in a virtual “network” across a LAN or WAN – including the Internet. With this in place, the IQMS training staff can connect directly to the PC and begin training in real-time, with little to no delay.

On-site and classroom training are often the most effective way to help bring an organization into full implementation. While not replacing these training options, Virtual Workshops can dramatically enhance results through:

  • Greater Topic Diversity - workshop courses are highly customizable, tackling the important issues facing your specific needs and questions.
  • Reduced Cost - workshop customers eliminate the high cost of travel. Virtual Workshop training is charged on a per hour basis (minimum one hour). Additional time is prorated at each quarter hour.
  • Reduced Lead Time - In some cases, Virtual Workshop courses can be set up within hours of the initial request, eliminating delays that might be caused with travel or other time constraints.
  • Increased Training Focus -Virtual Workshop courses are designed to deal with the specific functions and modules within EnterpriseIQ that matter to you and can be geared toward a highly focused audience using your data or IQMS sample data.

What are the requirements?

There are three requirements necessary to take advantage of Virtual Workshop sessions:

1) Direct Internet Connection: The end user PC must be connected to the Internet via an IP address. IBT sessions do not work with a dial-up modem connection to the Internet. Dial-up is generally too slow and unreliable in a training environment. For best connection results, IQMS does not support modem connections for IBT training.

2) Supported Versions: Due to program upgrades and trainer/system compatibility, Virtual Workships can only occur on customer data that is within supported versions. Supported versions are considered to be within two major updates.

3) Voice line: A voice line must be available in the same location as the PC that will host the training session. This allows the trainer and users to communicate about the activities taking place on the screens.

With these requirement in place, the IQMS training staff can connect directly to the PC and begin training in real-time, with very acceptable performance.

How does it work?

Just like other training options, Virtual Workshop sessions are scheduled events. The customer will book a time and a topic. A full-time trainer is then scheduled to teach the session to one or more individuals. At the pre-scheduled time, an Internet connection is made so that both trainer and students are viewing the same information and a phone connection is made to handle voice communication. It's that easy!


Courses are offered at a cost effective hourly rate. There is a minimum one-hour charge. Costs are prorated in 15-minute segments after the first hour. Contact for current pricing. (Note: A 50% cancellation fee applies if canceling 48 hours prior to the reserved session.) Rates are subject to change.

Register for an Virtual Workshop session now. For additional information please contact the IQMS Training Department at