IQMS Training Class Formats

IQMS Virtual Training Class Formats

Flexible formats to meet your training needs

Every person learns in a different manner with different learning preferences. IQMS’ Education Services offers training programs in multiple formats, designed for different learning needs and requirements to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking for live, virtual instructor-led training or self-paced eLearning, IQMS provides the flexibility to train around your schedule and preferences.

By offering multiple different training formats, you can also create a blended approach for your learning plans. Simply combine multiple offerings to create a unique learning plan specific to your corporate needs.


The IQMS eLearning library is the go-to training resource for ongoing customer training, from general navigation and new release highlights to instructional videos on the full breadth of IQMS system functionality including implementation, accounting, production, scheduling, quality, HR and system administration.

The IQMS eLearning program offers short, modular training in 1 to 4-minute segments, covering 140+ modules spanning over 760 topics.  From orienting employees on IQMS features to deep dives into advanced functionality, the IQMS eLearning program allows you to build a learning path and track progress for you and your team to maximize retention.

Click here to learn more about the IQMS eLearning Platform including a list of topics and recommended course offerings by role.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Travel time and costs can make training difficult to plan.  That is why IQMS offers live instructor training virtually, delivering distance learning with lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and training labs. 

With virtual training, you can minimize the amount of time out of the office, allowing you time to still be engaged onsite at your facility once the sessions are over.

There are three types of virtual training available:

  1. Virtual Classes:  Training is based on the standard course offering.  Virtual public or private classes are offered for five half-day sessions (four hours each day over five days).  Click here to view class agendas.
  2. Virtual Workshops (IBTs): Private one to two-hour sessions with an instructor to discuss specific areas of functionality, utilizing your own data with topics that you select.
  3. Virtual Webinars (VTCs): Custom content created by IQMS and delivered as topic webinars. Topics change weekly.  Click here for a list of VTCs and agendas.