IQMS Maintenance Program For EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Software

EnterpriseIQ Software Updates and Maintenance Program

The IQMS maintenance plan ensures all customers have the latest tools and technology to support their business. It includes ALL new releases of the EnterpriseiQ ERP and manufacturing software at no additional charge.

Product Upgrades - Our major releases contain significant product enhancements. New releases incorporate increased functionality that leverages new technologies and business models. Upgrade files and documentation are released on DVD as well as via secure access over the Internet.

Service Packs - Service packs are released on an as needed basis and contain both new features, fixes and maintenance releases for the current version of IQMS products as well as Oracle required enhancements. Service Packs are usually released via secure access over the Internet.

User-Specific Enhancements - IQMS has the unique capability to provide user-specific enhancements. Where there is a mutually agreed upon benefit, the customer becomes part of the development testing cycle. Generally, these enhancements become part of the standard product over time.