IQMS Manufacturing Automation Services

Manufacturing & Shop Floor Automation

Drive Even Greater Efficiency Between Manufacturing Equipment and ERP Software

Run a leaner manufacturing operation by integrating EnterpriseIQ ERP software with manufacturing equipment on the shop floor, in the warehouse and at the loading docks.

While many ERP solutions ignore existing shop floor capabilities, IQMS has led the automation between ERP software, shop floor and warehouse equipment. Shop floor automation solutions like RealTime™ Production Monitoring, Palletwrapper, and RackTruck takes information delivered from machines, scanners, and sensors and automatically updates the EnterpriseIQ ERP system. Having real-time shop floor data from equipment that works in tandem with the ERP system delivers greater efficiency, allowing manufacturers to be more competitive in a demand driven economy.

IQMS' shop floor automation projects integrate EnterpriseIQ with manufacturing equipment that includes capabilities such as:

  • Two-way communication with PLCs to control and initiate conveyors, vertical lifts, scanners, palletizers, photo eye sensors, and other pieces of equipment
  • Two-way communication with stretch wrap machines via relay/digital input boards to automate final packaging of customer product
  • Automated FIFO pick/store warehouse applications for forklifts
  • Directly interfacing with work centers to automatically report scrap and production
  • Other custom PLC interfacing projects developed with customer input

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