Remote ERP Support & Implementation Services

Agile Tools to Help our Customers Adapt to COVID-19 Challenges

Right now COVID-19 is changing the way businesses operate, and we want to be sure our customers have the support they need to reduce the impact on their business. 

For existing customers that are dealing with demand fluctuations and work from home challenges as well as new customers in the process of implementations, we are here to support you and ensure you have the flexibility to adapt and respond and to keep projects on schedule. 

Have questions or need assistance? Click here to email your Customer Support Manager.

IQMS Virtual Programs Ensure Business Continuity

Remote Implementation Services

Whether you are in the beginning, middle or end of your ERP implementation, IQMS professional services has the technology and expertise to guide and support you and your team through the process. From virtual kick-off and project review meetings to remote desktop support, and virtual training sessions, we will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your project stays on track. As local situations evolve around COVID-19 business openings,  you have the option to switch to on-site services when acceptable.

Virtual Instructor Lead Training Classes

We have expanded our virtual training programs to help educate and cross-train your staff. Participating in Virtual Training is an excellent productive activity to keep employees feeling engaged and enriched through live instructor training that includes h lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and training labs. Click to access the Training & Event Calendar


Check out our eLearning program as an option for employees that may have inconsistent working hours. The eLearning program offers 24/7 availability of short 1 to 4 minute, easy to consume training sessions covering 130 modules, and over 750 sub-topics.

Help Desk Support

Our entire support staff will continue to be available from 5 am PT to 5 pm PT Monday through Friday. Through online collaboration and communication tools, we can quickly and effectively respond to your issues and questions.

HMS Support

One of the many benefits of Hosted Managed Services (HMS) is the ability to manage and run your business and shop floor remotely. Our HMS team will continue to be available from 5 am PT to 5 pm PT. We are also available to discuss moving your EnterpriseIQ installation to a virtual environment to ensure business continuity.