EnterpriseIQ interfaces to Microsoft desktop applicatons
ERP Software

IQMS Software Interfaces with MS Office

IQMS incorporates export and import capabilities into EnterpriseIQ, allowing users to integrate key data stored within the manufacturing software and throughout the ERP system to desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. Because EnterpriseIQ is a single database, exporting the data is quick, easy and eliminates errors associated with extracting data from multiple database sources.

  • All pick lists (inventory, customers, vendors, etc.) used throughout the system can be exported directly into Excel based on soft sort criteria
  • Export General Ledger data directly into Excel
  • Create custom, pre-defined templates for data that is to be exported on a regular basis
  • Export data generated from more than 1000 Crystal Reports included within EnterpriseIQ directly into Excel or Word
  • Drag and Drop Outlook emails directly into EnterpriseIQ records
  • Connect Excel directly with EnterpriseIQ via ODBC
  • Add CRM meetings into an Outlook calendar
  • Export user-defined groups into Excel for varied formula calculations or one-off lists
  • Incorporate Microsoft Office documents as part of a library of Help Books