Capable to Promise Software Module for Manufactruring Companies
Manufacturing Software

Capable to Promise (CTP) / Available to Promise (ATP) Software

DELMIAworks MES & Manufacturing Software's Capable to Promise feature lets you confidently answer your customers' toughest questions:

How many parts can I get and when can I have them.

The detailed CTP/ATP tool is an all-encompassing analysis of operating hours, production and manufacturing time requirements, machine availability, labor capacity, tooling readiness, and materials required. By combining all aspects of what is required to manufacture a product, DELMIAworks's CTP/ATP software module gives manufacturers better visibility into completion within seconds through all levels and across the entire supply chain. So you can respond instantly and accurately to your customers' demands based on real-time manufacturing information. 

  • Theory of Constraints algorithms provide the TOTAL picture on inventory availability
  • Reviews all planned inventory transactions, including on-hand, receipts, production, backlog and forecasts
  • Combines materials, tools and machine capacity into one cohesive view
  • Easy-to-read graphic charts and routing diagrams display availability and constraints that may cause a delay in the timely delivery of products
  • Calculates potential purchasing issues by analyzing supplier lead times
  • Uses "Runs the Best" and multi-level Bills of Manufacture to determine specific work centers and assesses any possible constraints
  • Intuitively blocks production time availability based on holidays and facility closures which are driven by the user-defined shop calendar
  • Evaluates labor requirements and compares to actual, existing and future labor schedule
  • Automatically calculates the earliest CTP date. If the job under investigation cannot be run within the requested time frame because capacity is unavailable, the first available open time will be identified
  • Constraints affecting order processing such as lead times for material purchases, labor availability and machine capacity are easily identified. Drill down to the details to determine the proper course of action
  • Quickly identify other sub-constraints such as unavailable packaging or other raw materials
  • Instantly create a sales order directly from the CTP screen with CTP date automatically entered into the promised date
  • Quickly evaluates maintenance schedules for machine and tool in/out status to check for planned out-of-service time phases

See how the Capable to Promise capability evaluates material, labor and inventory resources and constraints to help you set accurate expectations on customer delivery dates.