Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Software for Manufacturing
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Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI

EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP system supports the ability to manage inventory stored at the customer site -Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The system includes the ability to ship the product to the customer, manage the shipment and quantity as simply another location within EnterpriseIQ, and support the invoicing of the product when it is actually consumed by the customer.

  • VMI supports partial consumption of the item, so that multiple invoices can be created to handle the one or many transactions that occur on your customer's floor
  • MRP engine differentiates between VMI item and on-site inventory to correctly generate manufacturing quantities.
  • Use the same procedures as any other sales order to fulfill order requests from VMI and automatically adjust the necessary inventory transactions - no additional work for the sales or shipping staff.
  • Interfaces with WebDirect Customer Portal for quick data entry and access.
  • VMI activity is fully supported via EDI