EnterpriseIQ Accounting and Financial Reporting Software from IQMS
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Accounting and Financial Reporting

IQMS delivers a powerful financial reporting solution to help you make better decisions. EnterpriseIQ ERP Financial Reporting Software streamlines every step of the financial process and provides meaningful, comprehensive and highly customizable financial and management reports, transforming information and analysis into answers, action and business success.

  • Create custom formatted financial reports to meet the needs of decision makers at every level in your organization
  • View reports on screen using the Drill-Down Viewer. Drill-Down from financial summary information into account and transaction details
  • E-mail reports to remote users
  • Export and import reports and data to and from Microsoft Excel and many commercially available spreadsheets
  • Include complex calculations including conditional "If, Then" statements in your reports
  • Drag and drop units in your reporting tree to see the financial effect of restructuring
  • Create virtual roll-up structures that do not exist in your chart of accounts
  • Prepare and distribute presentation quality reports using customized fonts, colors, and other formatting options
  • Report on both posted and unposted activity
  • Compare items like revenue and expense figures for different departments through the creation of side by side comparison reports