EnterpriseIQ Expense Tracking Software from IQMS
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Expense Reporting and Tracking

The EnterpriseIQ Expense Reporting module simplifies and expedites the expense reporting and approval process.  It provides ease of use, continuity in reporting, and correct G/L account assignment of business related expenses. 

The EnterpriseIQ Expense Reporting module is part of the cohesive, single database EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP software suite that offers significant advantages over stand-alone and third party add-on expense reporting software. A direct link with accounting ensures data accuracy and integrity of financial data while automatic invoice generation expedites customer billing of expenses. Complete system visibility quickly identifies expense trends by department, customer, function, G/L account or CRM activity.

  • Once an expense report has been approved the system automatically creates an un-posted Accounts Payable invoice for the reimbursable amount and payment processing.
  • Create user defined Expense type templates for recurring expenses.
  • Expense tracking allows you to quickly identify where the expense report is in the approval process.
  • Link both internal and external documents to an expense report.
  • The Quick Scan document feature automatically scans receipts or other supporting documents and links them to the expense report.
  • Pre-define merchant listings with SIC (standard industry code) / MCC (merchant category) codes. G/L expense accounts may be assigned at the merchant level as well.
  • Link expenses directly to a specific customer for billing purpose or a CRM event/opportunity.
  • Employees may enter their own expense reports or select a "delegate" to enter expense reports for specific users.