IQMS Asset Management Tracking Software
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Fixed Assets Management Solution

The IQMS Fixed Assets module provides information and tools necessary to manage your assets' financial and tax reporting. Sophisticated depreciation features perform calculations quickly and easily. Generate detailed business and tax reports at the touch of a button. Through integration with other EnterpriseIQ ERP and manufacturing software modules, you can easily and accurately track an asset's purchasing and depreciation history, access related documents, view journal postings, tax information, maintenance records and more.

  • Lifecycle management tracks assets from acquisition through final disposition.
  • Detailed asset profile provides complete depreciation history to assist with asset retirement management.
  • Flexible depreciation calculations support customer depreciation methods as well as standard methods such as straight line, declining balance, variable declining balance, ARCS, MACRS, user defined depreciation methods and more.
  • Multiple depreciation books associated with each asset allows users to calculate depreciation for various purposes including federal tax, corporate financials, AMT, ACE, state tax, or Internal and user defined.
  • Physical inventory of fixed assets is made simple with the integration of the IQMS WMS wireless scanning process.
  • Track asset maintenance records with instant access to the Preventative Maintenance module.
  • Group assets into General Asset Accounts (GAA) to depreciate all the properties in each account as a single item of property.
  • Automatic links to other EnterpriseIQ financial modules enables calculated depreciation entries to be posted directly to the general ledger.
  • Intuitive standard templates and import capability for existing assets streamlines the set-up process.
  • Simplify financial and tax reporting with automatic generation of business and tax reports and forms.

You have made significant investments in your equipment and other key assets. Now you can accurately and efficiently manage these assets throughout their entire lifecycle.