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Royer Corporation Turns to IQMS ERP Software to Maximize
Profitability Points for each of its Products

Indiana-based manufacturer invests in IQMS integrated ERP and MES system to streamline processes, track machines and production in real time, and improve capacity planning

PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – February 5, 2018 – IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software and manufacturing execution system (MES) authority, today announced that Royer Corporation has selected IQMS to gain the visibility and efficiency needed to maximize the profitability points for each of its products.

Royer, a leading manufacturer of custom swizzle sticks and advanced decorating items, is implementing IQMS EnterpriseIQ software, which uniquely combines robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) and MES functionality into one comprehensive system. The move to IQMS supports Royer’s drive to streamline processes, track injection molding machines and production in real time, strengthen tracking of complex purchasing patterns, and improve capacity planning.

Keeping Pace with Custom Orders

For more than 40 years, Madison, Indiana-based Royer has manufactured the custom swizzle sticks, cocktail picks, steak markers, floral picks and balloon weights used by businesses. With a focus on exceptional quality and service, its products are custom molded and decorated to perfectly fit each company’s unique advertising, branding and functional needs. As a result, the company produces thousands of different products for thousands of customers annually.

As Royer’s business continued to grow, its legacy system failed to keep pace. Moreover, a number of processes required manual intervention. To support the company’s growth, Royer began evaluating ERP solutions as well as considering whether to build its own system. Following its evaluation, Royer selected IQMS based on the software’s comprehensive functionality and strong references from other IQMS customers in the injection molding industry.

“We liked that IQMS offered user-friendly software designed to support our needs as an injection molder, and we were impressed IQMS’s company culture and reputation,” said Kenton Williams, business development and project manager at Royer Corporation. “We are also a member of the Manufacturer’s Association of Plastic Producers. Many of our fellow members at MAPP use IQMS, and highly recommended it.”

Royer will use the IQMS system to help change the way it stores and purchases raw materials. IQMS’s integrated MES and ERP functionality also will free the company’s employees from having to manually enter data into a spreadsheet after the fact. This will give the sales team more time to focus on pursuing sales leads and enable production leaders to monitor the company’s machinery in real time.

“IQMS is going to help take Royer to the next level, both in terms of how we attract and serve our customers,” Williams said. “The IQMS EnterpriseIQ ERP system will make us a more efficient company, which will positively impact our bottom line, our employees, and our community.”

About Royer

Founded in 1977, Royer Corporation has evolved over the years into a world-class manufacturer and industry leader, specializing in custom swizzle sticks and advance decorating. The company provides products of exceptional quality, which are custom molded or decorated to fit perfectly within a company’s unique business. These products are delivered to each customer with outstanding service and courtesy, every time. Royer is based in Madison, Indiana. To learn more, visit

About IQMS

IQMS uniquely combines ERP and MES functionality to give manufacturers a comprehensive end-to-end suite for running the business, backed by the real-time performance and scalability that companies demand. Developed specifically for mid-market repetitive, discrete and batch process manufacturers, IQMS provides robust capabilities for addressing strict customer and regulatory certification and compliance. IQMS achieves this by delivering traditional ERP functionality for accounting, sales orders, material requirements, inventory, and purchasing, plus extended native features for CRM, human resources, production scheduling, shop floor control, warehouse and quality modules. With offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, IQMS serves manufacturers around the world. For more information, please visit

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