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Practical Manufacturing Technology Workshop Organized by IQMS Shows How to Improve Operations Without Mortgaging the Future

IQMS and other manufacturing industry consultants and solutions providers presented best practices for using technology to improve quality, cut costs, and boost performance

PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – December 14, 2016 – Helping manufacturers overcome the uncertainty of how and when technologies can help manufacturers improve quality, cut costs, and boost delivery performance was the focus of the inaugural Practical Manufacturing Technology Workshop. The event, which was organized by IQMS Director of Industry Relations Ed Potoczak, brought together experts from nine manufacturing industry consultancies and solutions providers. Together they presented proven real-world best practices for effectively leveraging technology to drive innovation, operating efficiency, and a lasting return on investment (ROI) without mortgaging the future.

The workshop attracted manufacturing executives, as well as operations, product design, and process engineering leaders from Tier I, II and III parts makers in the automotive, defense and general industry sectors. It was held on November 30, at the Lean Learning Center in Troy, Michigan. In addition to organizing the event, IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software and manufacturing execution system (MES) authority, served as a co-sponsor.

“We worked to assure that participants were exposed to multiple examples of real innovation and benefits from the thoughtful application of automation technologies spanning commercial, technical and production processes,” Potoczak said. “Based on the strong positive response from attendees about the content, format and speakers, we look forward to conducting additional workshops in 2017.”

Keynotes Address Management Practices Behind Successful Tech Adoption

The workshop kicked off with two keynote sessions that gave attendees perspective and a framework for making good decisions related to technology investments.

First to present was Bill Artzberger, managing partner of the Lean Learning Center and an expert in lean culture, multiple methodologies and Six-Sigma techniques. Artzberger outlined the importance of building a culture of continuous learning to foster healthy beliefs and behaviors that lead to effective actions and great results. He also cautioned that, while tools and methods are useful aspects of the actions phase, they can easily fade out of use without understanding lean thinking in the culture.

Next to speak was Scott Phillips, CEO of Connected Factory Global, a technology best practices research and consulting firm. Phillips presented ways to identify opportunities and mitigate the risks associated with investment in technologies. Tapping his background in systems engineering, Phillips discussed sound decision models and best practices in establishing priorities and plans for selecting and implementing technology projects to solve problems and eliminate waste.

Real-World Examples of Optimizing Manufacturing Operations via Technology

In addition to the keynotes, the workshop featured solution providers, who presented case studies on how manufacturers have used technology to speed time to market, boost efficiency, protect employee safety, and deliver consistent quality. Best practices covered by the case studies included how to:

  • Create one intuitive version of the truth for the whole team to help launch on time and run well with clear product data intelligence, discovery and visualization based on multiple data sources – Actify.
  • Assure manufacturing process success with modeling, 3D simulation, and analytics to validate and predict manufacturing performance to launch and produce as planned – Visual Components.
  • Maximize overall equipment effectiveness with real-time scheduling, assure delivery performance with smart mistake-proofing, and stay on top of production performance with connected production monitoring in one comprehensive system – IQMS.
  • Ensure operations managers never lose track of stock with smart containers and products, and create dynamic inventory management using RFID tags on containers, products, and manufacturing assets – Omni-ID.
  • Enable original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to reduce material handling costs while improving efficiency and safety with intelligent material handling via automatic guided vehicles – AutoGuide AGVs.
  • Fill the skills gap using a new tool to inspire students, parents and educators to consider a career in today’s advanced manufacturing businesses with a Netflix-style platform of media with interactive resources – Edge Factor.
  • Build a robust sales pipeline with marketing automation, an effective web presence, and analytics to identify and nurture prospects in a smart, closed-loop process – Biznet Digital.

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