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IQMS Welcomes ERP Consulting Firm Oregano Information
Systems to its Global Partner Network

Oregano brings deep knowledge of ERP and Israeli business and government requirements in helping manufacturers to optimize their operations with IQMS ERP and MES software

PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – December 19, 2017 – IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software and manufacturing execution system (MES) authority, today announced that Oregano Information Systems, a leading Israel-based consulting firm with deep expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP), has joined the global IQMS partner network.

Oregano brings a broad knowledge of ERP systems, which is reflected by the company’s deep understanding of clients’ requirements and its ability to provide them with the best possible solution for their needs. Oregano's implementation and adaptation experts have decades of experience in managing project implementations, providing adaptation and integration services, and delivering training and technical support. Headquartered in Natanya, Israel, Oregano serves a large installed base of local and international manufacturing companies throughout the region.

As an IQMS partner, Oregano will expand regional support for IQMS software, helping manufacturers to implement and maximize their value in using IQMS. Oregano’s ERP implementation and project management expertise complements IQMS’s comprehensive software, which is designed specifically for manufacturing businesses and uniquely combines ERP and MES functionality into one integrated system that can run on-premises or in the cloud. As a result, Oregano’s customers will now have access to software and services that incorporate strong back-office support and advanced manufacturing methodologies.

“Some manufacturers can get by with a generic ERP system; however, many need an industry-specific manufacturing software solution. IQMS has that solution with a complete manufacturing system, including MES," said Yossi Horowitz, CEO of Oregano Information Systems. “We are excited to bring IQMS software to our market and offer our customers a new choice. IQMS is a perfect partner for us in the Israeli manufacturing space.”

“Empowering manufacturers to succeed requires, not only strong technology skills, but also a comprehensive understanding of local business and government requirements,” said Gary Nemmers, president and CEO of IQMS. “Oregano is a great addition to the IQMS partner team. Its experience in the region, combined with a flexible project approach and deep understanding of manufacturing and ERP implementation, makes Oregano the ideal company to lead our efforts in Israel and the surrounding markets.”

About Oregano

Oregano Information Systems presently employs 25 experts and first-rate professionals, with extensive experience of tens of years, in the management of project implementation, development of personalized applications, adaptation/integration, training and technical support for clients in Israel and for international companies. The experts of Oregano possess wide knowledge in varied ERP solutions, which is reflected by their deep understanding of clients’ needs and our ability to provide them with the best possible solution. To learn more, visit or email

About IQMS

IQMS uniquely combines ERP and MES functionality to give manufacturers a comprehensive end-to-end suite for running the business, backed by the real-time performance and scalability that companies demand. Developed specifically for mid-market repetitive, discrete and batch process manufacturers, IQMS provides robust capabilities for addressing strict customer and regulatory certification and compliance. IQMS achieves this by delivering traditional ERP functionality for accounting, sales orders, material requirements, inventory, and purchasing, plus extended native features for CRM, human resources, production scheduling, shop floor control, warehouse and quality modules. With offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, IQMS serves manufacturers around the world. For more information, please visit

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