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IQMS Introduces Powerful PLC to Amplify
its MES Solution


The PMIU88 PLC will compliment IQMS’ RealTime Process Monitoring System and simultaneously deliver a more comprehensive MES solution

PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – July 9, 2013 – IQMS, a manufacturing ERP software and MES developer with an ongoing, proactive commitment to its product and relationships, today announced the release of its Process Monitoring Interface Unit (PMIU) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PMIU88 OEM PLC is designed for the shop floor to control or monitor process variables. A multitude of sensors are available including thermocouples, pressure transducers and linear potentiometers and digital inputs that communicate directly to IQMS’ RealTime™ Process Monitoring system for control and SPC analysis.
“Through mounting of our own sensors, IQMS can offer a low cost option for cases where there is no PLC or controller at the work center, thus expanding the types of equipment that we can connect to,” said Glenn Nowak, vice president at IQMS. “By offering PLCs that are designed specifically to interface with EnterpriseIQ, we can deliver a more comprehensive offering for our MES solution.”
Shipped complete with powerful i-TRiLOGI ladder + BASIC software and a built-in Ethernet port with onboard web server, the PMIU88 PLC is ready for work center monitoring and configuration remotely over the network. Additionally, Modbus communication protocols and RS232 and RS485 connections make it easy to integrate into mixed-brand PLC environments and networks.
Once installed, the PMIU88 PLCs will push product data to the IP-based RealTime™ Process Monitoring system for correlation and analysis in real time. IQMS’ RealTime™ Process Monitoring solution is a flexible, robust manufacturing intelligence system that gathers and stores any process parameters necessary for accurate traceability back to the item number, work order, lot number and manufactured date and time.
Stored in an SQL-based data historian, Process Monitoring information can then be viewed dynamically in charts or gauges, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations. Additionally, data can then be analyzed in the EnterpriseIQ Statistical Process Control (SPC) module for accurate and instantaneous feedback, including business activity notifications through voice alerts or email/text warnings if products are trending out of specification. With the addition of the PMIU88 PLC, IQMS now offers a comprehensive MES solution that is simple to install, low maintenance and built specifically for the manufacturing shop floor environment.
Please view our product sheet for more information and technical specifications on the PMIU88 OEM PLC:
About IQMS
Since 1989, IQMS has been designing and developing manufacturing ERP software for the repetitive, process and discrete industries. Today, IQMS provides a comprehensive real-time MES and manufacturing ERP software solution to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods and other manufacturing markets. The innovative, extended single-database enterprise software solution, EnterpriseIQ, offers a scalable system designed to adeptly grow with the client and complete business functionality, including accounting, quality control, supply chain, CRM and eBusiness. With offices across North America, Europe and Asia, IQMS serves manufacturers around the world.
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