IQMS Shop Floor Manufacturing Software
Manufacturing Software

Visual Shop Floor Control

ERP and Manufacturing Software System access via Touch Screens

EnterpriseIQ ShopData brings a visual front-end to plant floor performance and manufacturing management and control. Using standard PC's or touch-screen technology to access the manufacturing software, plant personnel can log into a work order on the shop floor, monitor and report production, view documents, enter SPC data, print labels, create PM work orders and more.

Manufacturing, production and inventory Information is presented on an easy-to-read, full-screen display. Large controls, such as a number pad and pick-lists (the same lists that appear throughout EnterpriseIQ ERP modules) are activated by the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse.

  • Floor Dispositions - Enter production directly into IQMS, in real-time.
  • Real Time Production Monitoring - Monitor the production summary for the currently running product in real time, to identify production inefficiencies before they become a problem.
  • Rejects- Users select the work center, inventory item, and reject reason from a user defined pick-list for a single work center, current date and shift, or all production dates and all shifts for all work centers.
  • Down Time Reporting - Easily enter down time for currently running job or select a job from a pick list of all production dates and shifts, work centers and corresponding manufacturing configurations from a pick list.
  • Internal and External Documentation - Access all the documentation connected in one way or another to the job running on the machine whether it be special instructions connected with the BOM, a drawing associated with inventory item, a problem log or any number of other documents, drawings, images or spreadsheets.
  • Serialized Label Printing -- Shop personnel can quickly and easily access and print labels.
  • Time Clock - Employees log in and out of system and their time can then be tracked accordingly by work order, or the job running on the machine.

When time is important, ShopData is ready to show only the data that employee needs at that moment and let them enter data in the least intimidating manner.