IQMS Manufacturing Monitoring with RealTime Light Sticks from IQMS
Manufacturing Software

Lean Manufacturing Productivity in a Whole New Light

with IQMS' RealTime LightSticks™

Only IQMS offers individual machine monitoring with immediate visible communication from your shop floor to the EnterpriseIQ ERP Software and manufacturing software system and back again. It’s like seeing the whole picture—in vivid color. Instant two-way communication with the shop floor allows you to compare production times to actual performance, eliminate production waste, evaluate employee performance, and operate on real-time data to run leaner than ever before.

The LightStick™ works in tandem with EnterpriseIQ and RealTime™ Wired Machine Monitoring to provide instantaneous, visual monitoring. Empower shop floor personnel to make immediate adjustments whether a machine is running lean or slowing down—no computer terminal or supervisor's alert is needed.

Immediate intervention leads to increased cost savings

  • Eliminates job overruns
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves raw material management
  • Efficient machine performance

How it works

Designed to work in tandem with EnterpriseIQ and RealTime™ Wired Production Monitoring, the RealTime LightStick™ affixes to a machine to deliver critical data at the source. The LightStick™ uses wireless mesh network technology to provide instantaneous, visual communication between the ERP system and all operating machines. Your existing manufacturing schedule, along with RealTime™ parameters are continuously compared to machine signals with results displayed on the LightStick™ that can be seen by anyone from anywhere on the shop floor.

  • Green – Running within standard cycle threshold
  • Blue – Running faster than standard cycle threshold
  • Red (Solid) – Running slower than standard cycle threshold
  • Red (Flashing) - Overrunning of job is occurring
  • Yellow – Work center is down

The LightStick™ is capable of displaying green or blue in combination with a red flashing light. The machine could be running at standard but you are still overrunning the job. This would be indicated by the illumination of both the green and flashing red light. When the stick is only flashing red, then your job is running slow and you are overrunning.

The RealTime LightStick™ is unbeatable ERP-to-shop-floor monitoring—now available at the speed of light.