IQMS MES and ERP Software Solution
Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and ERP Software

A single extended supply chain solution for manufacturing companies

The  MES market consists of companies boasting their synergy with other programs and advertising how they are “blurring the line” between ERP software and shop floor monitoring. With IQMS, there is no line to blur. Our ERP and Manufacturing Execution System software systems are one in the same, offering data from your supply chain, factory floor and ERP software combined for improved shop floor performance, compliance and visibility. No longer does MES software need be an intermediary step between ERP software and shop floor control equipment, lacking the crucial integration that limits MES’ ultimate value. You really can have total enterprise-wide visibility in a single vendor solution.

Manufacturing companies that utilize IQMS’ complete MES and ERP software solutions experience:

  • Real-time interaction between the plant floor and top floor
  • Complete supply chain visibility
  • Improved decision making
  • Constistency, continuity and compatibility with ERP and MES data

Real-Time, Two-Way Communication Between the Shop Floor and the Top Floor

IQMS is a true leader in real-time, collaborative ERP software and MES communication because of our unique comprehensive software structure. When EnterpriseIQ’s MES solution is combined with our ERP system, problems associated with transferring information out of one system and into another are eliminated. Also abolished are the concerns of costly software integration and difficulties functioning in multiple manufacturing styles. With IQMS’ two-way communication, you experience a proactive approach to manufacturing and improve factory performance with accurate, real-time visibility into every aspect of your enterprise.