IQReport December 1, 2016 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

IQReport December 1, 2016

Millennial Recruiting Magic: Solutions from Manufacturers Large and Small

It is not uncommon for manufacturing jobs to sit unfulfilled for months. A common complaint is "We're just not finding the right people with the skills we need".  The fact that unemployment is at its lowest rate in eight years also complicates the situation. So what can manufacturers do to attract next generation talent?

To help employers who might need a nudge, manufacturers who’ve put some serious thought into attracting better candidates shared their recruiting problems with IndustryWeek, and how they fixed them. Click here to read IndustryWeek's interviews with manufacturers that have changed their recruiting process to attract and retain new talent.

Five Steps for Creating a Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture

Much of the focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Manufacturing 4.0 is about one thing: Getting clean, accurate, and actionable real time data to people in the supply chain and on the plant floor who can do something with it to fix or avoid problems.

However the bigger issues facing many manufacturers are the challenges within their organization associated with moving to a data-driven decision-making culture. The Manufacturing Leadership council recently highlighted five steps that manufacturers can do to create a culture that encourages and benefits from data-driven decision-making. Click here to learn more.

IQMS News & Information

Panarama Consulting Selects IQMS as a Top 10 ERP Solution Provider

IQMS is honored to have been selected by Panorama Consulting Solution's as one of the 2017 Top 10 ERP Systems.  Based on a study of hundreds of companies implementing new ERP software over the last four years, the report evaluates leading solutions based on market share, implementation cost, implementation duration, benefits realization and software functionality.

In addition to be selected as a top solution, IQMS was also highlighted as leading ERP systems in terms of those that can be implemented with the least amount of total cost, as expressed as a percentage of the organization’s annual revenue. Click here to read more about Panorama's list of Top 10 ERP systems.

IQMS Pinnacle User Conference Building Momentum

The IQMS 2017 Pinnacle User Conference is just a little over four months away and momentum is building. Taking place April 3rd-6th at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, FL, Pinnacle is the largest single event that brings together industry experts, IQMS staff and users from across the globe to learn, network and explore innovative ways to improve manufacturing efficiencies

Click here to learn more and take advantage of introductory and multi-attendee registration fees.

Featured Whitepaper

MES Savings: Real World Improvements an MES System Delivers

>In manufacturing, your money is made on the shop floor. Real-time data is power in helping to identify and then proactively address inefficiencies and challenges on your factory floor.

Are you wondering how real-time data can help improve efficiencies in your plant? Click here to learn how the IQMS MES solution is helping manufacturers gain extra production time, increase inventory turns, reduce cycle times and much more.