IQReport November 30, 2017 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

IQReport November 30, 2017

The Missing Piece of Metrics: Accountability

Year after year in plant after plant, manufacturing metrics are being missed.  The problem may not be the metrics. In a recent IndustryWeek article Larry Fast of Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence, states that "too often the missing piece of metrics management is this: failure to hold ourselves and our people accountable."

"Accountability means that leaders will instinctively, immediately respond when they see barriers getting in the way of their committed performance," he writes.

Click here to read Larry's complete article to learn how to build the infrastructure to reinforce accountability for metrics in your organization.

Strategies for Staying Connected to Your Production Operations

Quality and on-time delivery are the top factors that drive success in the eyes of manufacturing customers. However, gaining real-time insights into how quality and on-time delivery can be improved is a challenge for many manufacturers who rely on manual monitoring.

To address this challenge, manufacturing firms increasingly are turning to remote monitoring of production rates, uptime, overtime, scrap, equipment, process characteristics, product quality and delivery performance.

A recent article in Manufacturing Business Technology examines approaches to remote monitoring being employed by manufacturers, as well as best practices to apply when introducing remote monitoring to the organization.

Click here to read MBT's article, "Strategies for Staying Connected to Your Production Operations."

IQMS News & Information

10 Ways Manufacturing Intelligence Is Revolutionizing ERP In 2018

With the manufacturing industry showing solid signs of growth in 2018, it’s time for all manufacturers to redefine and revolutionize how they use their ERP systems as a platform for solid revenue growth. Manufacturing Intelligence is the fuel that transforms ERP systems into revenue growth catalysts that flex to the unique needs of each manufacturer.

Learn more about the the 10 ways Manufacturing Intelligence will revolutionize ERP with  improve data insights, customer knowledge, and greater intensity to improve every phase of the manufacturing process.

Cast your Vote for MESA's 2017 Smart Story Awards

MESA's Smart Story Awards is the social contest that shows off the people and stories behind Manufacturing Intelligence through case studies and other resources. Stories are free to download and each download counts as a vote.

Click on the links below to vote for the three IQMS customers currently up for the award; Wilbert Plastics, Plastech and Nissen Chemitec.

Featured Whitepaper

Synchronizing the Supply Chain: How ERP Can Open Up Capacity

If you are like most manufacturing companies, you are constantly asking yourself, how can I get the most capacity out of my existing resources? Manufacturers would do well to consider early American history for the answer to that question. We were all taught at an early age about how Native Americans got every ounce of good from the buffalo. Today’s manufacturers can find capacity by getting every ounce of good from their current production environment. But how?

The answer is within your reach. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can get every ounce of good from your plant.