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IQReport November 2018

Don't Let Your Best Ideas Die on the Plant Floor

It is common for production team members to have the best understanding of how essential processes work. Yet the distance between this group and upper management can sometimes act as a barrier that prevents the exchange of good ideas.

By bridging this gap, manufacturers can tap into the knowledge and experience of employees across the entire organization, increasing the opportunities to discover money- and time-saving improvements.

A recent IndustryWeek article highlights how Cimpress, a global company of mass customization businesses and manufacturing operations, developed a culture of innovation to facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas and opportunities. Their approach enabled the company’s 21 businesses to make dramatic increases in efficiency that drive customer satisfaction and significant operational savings.

Click here to read the complete IndustryWeek article and learn more about Cimpress' culture of employee innovation.

The Rise of Disruptive Factories

The era of customer-driven manufacturing is here, and with it comes the need to rejuvenate and re-engineer production from the shop floor to the top floor. High-performing manufacturers are at the forefront in addressing customers’ higher expectations for product quality, order accuracy, flawless fulfillment, and suppliers’ ability to handle short-notice production runs.

Customers expect Amazon-like agility and speed from any channel they use to interact with a manufacturer. They also want the freedom to interact with a manufacturer through any channel, anytime, and get consistent, contextually relevant results.

A recent article explores the rise of disruptive factories and provides insights and concepts that will allow you to adapt and succeed in customer-driven manufacturing. Click here to read the complete article. 

IQMS Webinars

Webinar: MES & ERP - What's Ahead for 2019

What are your plans to increase efficiency and support the growth of your manufacturing business in 2019?

Join Ultra consultants and IQMS on Thursday, November 15th from 1pm-2pm CTto learn more about the technology trends the most successful manufacturing organizations will depend on to improve efficiency and profitability in 2019.

Click here to register now for the MES & ERP in 2019 Webinar.

APICS Webinar: Harness the Power of Supply Chain Management in 2019

Your ERP, supply chain, MES and quality systems gather and store hundreds or thousands of data points every day. For companies using standalone, legacy and homegrown systems, it’s difficult to get a cohesive picture of supply chain performance. 

On Thursday, November 29th, from 1pm-2pm CT, Ultra Consultants, independent advisors to manufacturers and distributors, joins IQMS to present an informative webinar that will help teams optimize supply chain operations, and cut costs by increasing access to quality data that improves decisions and streamlines audits. 

Click here to register for the APICS Supply Chain webinar.

Featured Whitepaper

MES Selection Tips

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) enable supply chain networks and manufacturing to stay synchronized, scale and flex to fluctuations in demand. The best MES implementations bring greater accuracy, control, scale, and speed to shop floors and are one of the strongest growth catalysts any manufacturer can have.

Compromising on an MES decision leads quickly to mediocre manufacturing performance, poor quality, and lost customers. Selecting the right MES improves:

  • Product quality
  • On-time deliveries
  • Make the most challenging new product launches a success

You don't have to settle for mediocrity. Click here to learn the 20 factors you need to consider when selecting a new MES that will help you keep pace with next-generation smart, connected products.