IQReport October 05, 2016 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

IQReport October 05, 2016

The Path to Manufacturing 4.0

The Manufacturing Leadership Council’s (MLC) new Critical Issues agenda identifies a set of business and technology issues and subjects that can enable manufacturers to establish a clear focus and approach to the journey to Manufacturing 4.0, the next wave of industrial progress.

Based on extensive consultation with more than 500 senior executives and associate members of the MLC and its Board of Governors, the new agenda identifies 6 critical Issues facing the manufacturing industry as it undertakes its journey to the information-based future envisioned by Manufacturing 4.0. Learn more.

Best Places to Work in Manufacturing

Where are the best places to work in manufacturing? You can find out in a recent study by U.S. News & World Report's research company, SmartAsset.

To find the best places to work in manufacturing SmartAsset looked at 389 different statistical areas and compared them on six metrics. SmartAsset looked at one-year employment growth, five-year employment growth, one-year income growth, five-year income growth, the ratio of manufacturing workers to the total worker population and income left over after housing costs. Click here to read the full report.

IQMS News & Information

Run A Factory On Cloud Apps? IQMS Says Yes

While mission-critical applications such as ERP, were once considered the last software that would move to the cloud, a growing number of small to midsize businesses are ready to make the move.

The move to cloud solutions was recently featured in a Forbes article, that highlights the transition manufacturing companies are making to IQMS' Cloud ERP. Choosing IQMS' complete cloud solution delivers value in data and system security, encryption, intelligence and analytics.

Click here to learn more about the value a cloud ERP solution can bring to your manufacturing business.

Webinar: Finding the right ERP to Handle Your Batch Processes

Process manufacturers saddled with legacy, outdated ERP systems can get a head start on their selection project by attending Ultra Consulting's upcoming series of online demos.

On October 19th, at 1:00 PM CST, IQMS will join Ultra for a 90 minute demo on how IQMS ERP provides functionality that will help batch process manufacturers improve efficiency and profitability.

Click here to register for the webinar.

IQMS Execs to Present at 2016 MAPP Benchmarking Conference

Join IQMS CEO Gary Nemmers and IQMS CMO Steve Bieszczat on October 12th and 13th at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis for the 2016 MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. The IQMS executives will conduct sessions on the technology and best practices that can impact your bottom line profits. Click here to learn more.

Featured Whitepaper

Turn the Myth of Real-Time Shop Floor and ERP Integration into Reality

Your shop floor operates in real time. It moves fast and so must you. Beyond the collection and integration of shop floor data, the real challenge is to make that data actionable – in an instant – to everyone, within your organization, and across your entire supply chain. Only by doing so will you achieve the visibility and control you need to be competitive in today’s demand-driven economy.

While this challenge may seem complex, you can attack it head-on, intelligently, and more cost-effectively than you might think. Download the whitepaper Real-Time Shop Floor Integration, Simplified to learn how. Download now!