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IQReport October 2020

Sustainability Doesn't Have to Come With a Hefty Price Tag

There is no question that today's manufacturers are facing increased pressure from regulatory agencies, employees, investors, communities, and customers to improve environmental sustainability efforts.

For business leaders already facing a difficult journey into the post-COVID next normal, sustainability and profitability can look like conflicting goals. However, sustainability doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

When companies optimize their operations—whether to increase productivity, improve quality, or reduce cost—better environmental performance can be a byproduct. Efficient manufacturing processes and supply chains don’t just cost less to run: they also consume less energy, use fewer resources, and produce less waste.

A recent McKinsey & Company article highlights how operation improvement programs can offer a rapid route to the next normal that can be sustainable both financially and environmentally. Click here to read the complete article, Operations-Driven Sustainability.

Renewing the Case for Career & Technical Education

Over the past six months, manufacturers have been affected by significant supply chain disruptions and expediently transformed factory floors. If there’s a silver lining, it is that some analysts predict manufacturers will achieve five years of innovation in just 18 months.

The speed of innovation and technological change is forcing manufacturers' hands to invest in new ways to attract, retain, and train their workforce to keep their increasingly tech-savvy factories operating. 

To empower workers with the appropriate technical skills, a 2019 MAPI study found a third of manufacturers are building relationships with local academic institutions, another quarter are adopting massively open online courses (MOOCs) and other forms of online education, and 20% are developing internal training courses.

Read IndustryWeek's article, Renewing the Case for Career and Technical Education, to learn more about creative ways to fill the skills gap and develop a tech-savvy workforce. 

DELMIAworks (IQMS) News

Disruption Drives Adaptability & Innovation in Manufacturing recently sat down with DELMIAworks CEO Cheri Williams to discuss shifts in manufacturing trends, the impact of COVID-19 on DELMIAworks' customers, and how DELMIAworks has adapted to support customer needs.

For today's manufacturers, the ability to quickly change, adapt, and execute is what the current environment demands. Learn how DELMIAworks helps manufacturers manage their business and production floors in challenging times and provides a solid infrastructure for success in the last quarter of 2020 and into 2021. Read the complete article, Disruption Drives Adaptability & Innovation in Manufacturing.

Overcoming Product Challenges With a Manufacturing Execution System

Overcoming production challenges starts when a manufacturer can have greater visibility into:

A Manufacturing Execution System can provide real-time insights to improve production accuracy, gain greater control, and quickly scale manufacturing operations. Check out our recent article, Overcoming Production Challenges with a Manufacturing Execution System, to learn more. 

Featured Webinar

The Essential Values of MES: Eliminating Losses on the Plant Floor

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have reached a new level of importance and relevance to help manufacturers like yourself meet the daily challenges of reduced workforces, shorter lead times, higher quality, and increasing compliance demands.

Join DELMIAworks (IQMS) on Thursday, October 15th, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (PT) to learn how an MES system and powerful real-time data from the shop floor can provide the visibility you need to:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Improve OEE
  • Correct production trending outside of acceptable tolerances
  • Reduce costs associated with scrap, rejects, rework, and returns

REGISTER NOW,  to learn how the DELMIAworks (IQMS) MES system can help you identify areas of inefficiencies on the plant floor, to keep your supply chain lean and your customers happy. REGISTER NOW!