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IQReport September 2019

The Human Side of Digital Supply Chains

Digitization has become the dominant theme in discussions about the future of supply chains. There’s no doubt that technology is set to have a big impact on every part of supply-chain operations, from planning to logistics.

To gain the full potential benefits of new technologies, companies must also adapt their organizations, their processes, and their people’s roles. A recent McKinsey article provides valuable insights into the the human aspect of supply chain technology. Click here to read the complete article, The Human Side of Digital Supply Chains, to learn why it's important to look at digital technologies through a human lens. 

Inspire the Next Generation of Skilled Workers on Manufacturing Day

Join thousands of manufacturers across North America for Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) on  Friday, October 4th, as they open their doors to show the public what modern manufacturing looks like and inspire the next generation of skilled workers.

MFG DAY is an opportunity for you to show your community what you do, highlight the economic importance of manufacturing, and draw attention to rewarding manufacturing careers.

Click here to learn more about MFG DAY events, as well as tips for how to host your own event.


Strengthening the Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem

Customers are demanding more from their manufacturing partners. To stay competitive, today’s mid-market manufacturers must be able to design, produce and quickly launch products to anticipate and respond to ever-changing customer needs.

By creating a closed loop ecosystem, mid-market manufacturers can rapidly scale the design-to-manufacturing process to meet customers’ demands for shorter lead times, zero defects and lower costs, while still ensuring profitability. 

Read the complete article, Why Manufacturing Software is the Key to Strengthening the Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem, to learn why the more integrated product design, engineering, quality, and production are, the more likely you will be able to flex and scale in response to customers’ demands to drive revenue growth.

[VIDEO] Turning Customer Concepts into Reality - Efficiently and Profitably

SEA-LECT Plastics uses the integration of IQMS (DELMIAWORKS) ERP and SOLIDWORKS 3D Design to turn their customer's concepts into reality. The complete closed loop design to manufacturing solution allows SEA-LECT to:

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Featured On-Demand Webinar

Using MES to Grow Your Business

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have reached a new level of importance and relevance to help manufacturers like yourself meet growth demands. The webinar highlights:

  • Where an MES system fits into the broader landscape of business applications
  • How it interacts with an ERP system
  • What performance conditions can and should be monitored
  • Why real-time data is crucial to support business growth and agility

Watch the on-demand webinar, How an MES System can Help Grow and Stabilize Your Business,  to learn how an MES solution and powerful real-time data from the plant floor can help you optimize operations, improve quality, and support the growth and profitability of your manufacturing business. WATCH NOW!