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IQReport August 2018

Little Known Tax Credit Can Pay off Big in Automation Costs

Automation is one of the main drivers of manufacturing’s solid growth this year. Capitalizing on its many benefits and making it work for you can stretch any operations budget, however.

There’s good news for every manufacturer with a tight budget who wants to automate operations today. A highly underutilized government incentive, the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit, can help offset much of the development and implementation costs for automation systems and can provide a source of capital for the acquisition of additional technical talent.

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The Intelligent Journey to the Factory of the Future

Pundits claim that the intelligent factory will replace workers with machines and will obsolete human intuition and decision-making through artificial intelligence (AI). What these pundits get wrong is that not every job can—or should—be displaced with technology.

Instead, we need to be thinking about how technology enhances human tasks and performance—which is why Intel recently studied over 150 workers from the factory floor to the C-suite, to better understand manufacturing workers’ pain points, their beliefs about the future of their operations, and their best guess for future technologies.

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New Peer Community Helps Manufacturers Understand and Accelerate Smart Manufacturing Initiatives

Smart Manufacturing. It's the key topic of discussions in manufacturing communities, publications, and industry events. However, most manufacturers are struggling to understand exactly what Smart Manufacturing is, the potential benefits and how to move forward with smart manufacturing initiatives.

To help demystify and provide guidance on topics related to technology-driven initiatives in manufacturing, Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International is hosting a series of activities to enable greater knowledge sharing and insights into practical frameworks and strategies for excelling at Smart Manufacturing. The Smart Manufacturing Community will help you understand: What is working and why; what obstacles and pitfalls others have found, and what the keys to success are for Smart Manufacturing initiatives.

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How Quality Audits can Help Manufacturers Stay Customer-Driven – and Even Change Sales and Marketing

Audit is a word that has a lot of baggage. Often associated with trying to find what went wrong, manufacturers are using them to see what went right. It’s time to look at how you can use quality audits to your competitive advantage.

Quality is the new marketing today. While quality has always been at the center of modern manufacturing operations, it’s now become a crucial part of how customers evaluate your products and services. Learn how one IQMS customer is using internal audits to earn a whole new level of customer trust and win customers for life.

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Featured Whitepaper

Where ERP and MES is Making the Greatest Contribution to Support Manufacturing Growth

  • 81% of manufacturers say real-time monitoring is improving their business
  • 60% say analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) are essential for managing manufacturing operations today
  • 59% of manufacturers growing 10% a year or faster are adopting supplier quality management tools

These insights and more were compiled from a recent survey of 151 North American manufacturers highlighting how technology is enabling more profitable revenue growth, reducing costs, and improving quality.

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