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IQReport August 2019

Why Manufacturers Need to do Succession Planning

Did you spend the last 40 years building a company to hand it over to the highest bidder? That question may seem harsh, but the lack of succession planning threatens manufacturing’s future.

As the last of the baby boomers round their way up to 60, companies are slowly realizing that their retiring leadership is leaving gaps in intelligence and historical knowledge that threaten the future. When you have someone so good at their job, doing it for 30 years and not sharing information to the next person in line, you risk losing everything tied to that one “irreplaceable” person. You risk your business.

Click here to read IndustyWeek's article, 5 Clues You’re Falling Short on Succession Planning—and What to Do About It, to determine if you are falling behind.

Putting Machinery on Strong Fitness Plan Starts with Real-Time Monitoring

Having a plan for maintaining and improving the performance and reliability of every machine on a shop floor is vital to manufacturing operations. 

The foundation of the most effective strategies for getting higher levels of shop floor productivity starts with real-time monitoring. Having a contextually rich, real-time data stream from every machine on the shop floor is invaluable for improving every production run and enabling design to manufacturing to achieve its full potential. 

A recent article on ADVANCEMANUFACTURING.ORG highlights why a fitness plan predicated on real-time monitoring is a great place to start putting together a design-to-manufacturing strategy that sets the foundation for solid revenue growth. Click here to read the complete article.


Webinar: How to Optimize Production Quality

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are no longer just a requirement for manufacturing companies in highly regulated industries. QMS systems are now a requirement to ensure customer satisfaction across all industries.  According to a recent survey by Data, Strategy & Technology, 88% of B2B customers say that quality is the most important factor in their decision to remain loyal to a manufacturer or brand.

Join IQMS on Thursday, September 19th, at 11:00 AM PDT to learn more about the must have Quality Management tools that will help you identify and prevent quality issues before they impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Webinar Library Now Available

IQMS regularly hosts webinars that highlight how manufacturers can become more efficient and profitable by digitally connecting their manufacturing supply chain. If you missed any of the live webinars, check out the on-demand version.  Watch Now!

Featured Whitepaper

10 Ways Design to Manufacturing Drives More Revenue

A new era of manufacturing has arrived, differentiated by a focus on how to deliver excellent customer experiences at scale.

Customers want greater visibility in every phase of the manufacturing process to verify:

  • Product specs are accurate
  • Designs can scale for manufacturability
  • Quality parts are being produced
  • Costs are being controlled

Download the whitepaper, 10 Ways Design to Manufacturing Drives More Revenue, to learn why the more integrated product design, engineering, quality, and production are, the more likely you will be able to flex and scale in response to customers’ demands and drive revenue growth.