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IQReport July 2019

Why B2B Manufacturers Need to Prioritize the Customer Experience

Suppliers worldwide are feeling competitive heat from their B2B customers as rapid changes in the consumer space drive new customer demands. 

B2B suppliers know customer experience is important. Companies that have a high reputation for delivering an excellent customer experience deliver five times better financial performance than industry peers for both revenue growth and profitability.

The road to improved customer-centricity requires suppliers to rethink their approaches for strategy and culture, channels, data and insights, technology and organization and skills.

Click here to read IndustyWeek's article, 5 Way Suppliers are Closing the Customer Experience Gap, to learn more about the five concrete actions you can do to improve overall customer experience and move into a leadership position within your industry.

Using Manufacturing Execution Systems to Improve Visibility

Industry enterprise technology consultants, Ultra Consultants, is often called upon by manufacturing companies challenged with managing the complexity of their operations. A common theme running through these organizations is the need for improved visibility and transparency of information.

A recent article, Seeing Further: Using Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to Improve Visibility, highlights how real-time data visibility and transparency can help drive quality, minimize late shipments, reduce inventory, improve customer satisfaction and much more. Learn more.


Webinar: How to Use MES to Grow & Stabilize Your Business

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have reached a new level of importance and relevance to help manufacturers like yourself meet growth demands. 

Join IQMS and Ultra Consultants on Thursday, August 8th, at 11:00 AM PDT to learn how an MES solution and powerful real-time data from the plant floor can help you optimize operations, improve quality, and support the growth and profitability of your manufacturing business.

REGISTER NOW  for the free webinar, How to Use MES to Grow and Stabilize Your Business.

[Video] Becoming a Better Manufacturer

Horizon Die is a company that is pushing the envelope on technology. They take on the tough technical challenges other metal stamping suppliers decline. As a premier provider of high speed, high volume, tight-tolerance, precision metal stamping,having all the production and order requirements at their finger tips is crucial to their growth and success.

Watch this short video to learn how IQMS manufacturing ERP solution is helping Horizon Die control costs, plan production and meet the challenges of a high volume manufacturing facility. Watch Now!

Featured Whitepaper

How to Streamline Supply Chains and Improve Production Efficiency with Track and Trace

76% of manufacturers are prioritizing improving shop floor productivity as their most valuable growth strategy. Are you?

An end-to-end manufacturing software system is the key to improving shop floor productivity. Do you have a manufacturing solution running your business that can:

  • Provide end-to-end visibility and control into every area of your manufacturing operations?
  • Deliver real-time data from the factory floor to help you solve problems before they occur?
  • Reflect shop floor performance into financial results?

Download the whitepaper, The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing Software, for tools, tips and an evaluation checklist to help you select the ideal manufacturing solution for your business.