IQReport July 13, 2017 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

IQReport July 13, 2017

Seeking an Engaged Workforce? Don't Forget about Contingent Workers

In a recent "Factories of the Future" study published by the Manufacturing Leadership Council, manufacturing leaders were asked how their factories would be managed five to 10 years from today. The largest group—39%--said the predominant management approach will be collaborative, “with greater emphasis on involving employees, customers, and suppliers in processes and decision-making.”

To help empower full-time employees, manufacturing companies are investing in programs designed to help them become better at collaborating and communicating. But there is also a countervailing trend that may complicate the transition to collaborative cultures: the increasing reliance on a part-time or contingent workforce.

Which raises the question: How can manufacturers increase the engagement and collaborative capacity of their workforces when a significant percentage of their workers are temporary or part time? 

Click here to read more on Seeking an Engaged Worker from the Manufacturing Leadership Council.

7 Strategies for Making Manufacturing a Quality Advantage

Manufacturing quality is the fuel powering the customer experience revolution globally today. From Amazon reviews to Consumer Reports, B2B and B2C buyers rely on what other customers are saying about product quality before buying.

With every manufacturer’s reputation at stake based on product quality, turning this area of manufacturing operations into a competitive advantage needs to happen now.

Learn the 7 quick strategies for making quality a competitive advantage.

IQMS News & Information

IQMS Positioned as One of the Pacesetters in FrontRunners Quadrant for Manufacturing Software

IQMS has once again been placed on a Software Advice FrontRunners Quadrant. In addition to placing on the FrontRunners Quadrant for Enterprise Resource Planning, April 2017, IQMS was positioned as one of the leaders in Software Advice's FrontRunners Quadrant for Manufacturing, June 2017.

To create this quadrant, Software Advice evaluated more than 120 manufacturing software products, selecting those with the top scores for their capability and value. Scores are based largely on reviews from real software users, along with other product performance details, such as available features and number of customers.

The full report can be found at: 

Three IQMS Customers Nominated for MESA Smart Story Awards

MESA's Smart Story Awards celebrate the people using Information Technologies to make smart decisions throughout manufacturing value chains. Congratulations to Wilbert Plastics, Plastech and Nissen Chemitec on their nominations. Check out their nomination case studies:    

Featured Whitepaper

A Practical Approach to IoT: 3 Manufacturers Explain How

Everyone is talking about the promise of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the related concept of Industry 4.0. But in reality, manufacturing technicians, managers and executives like yourself, are finding it difficult to sort out how these concepts can be applied to their businesses.

The whitepaper, Practical Approach to Internet of Things (IoT), provides real-world guidance from three manufacturers on how to leverage new technologies to drive efficiencies in your plant. Download Now!