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IQReport May 2020

The Best Approach to Supply Chain Risk Planning

Supply chain risk planning is getting a lot of visibility these days. If not for the heroic efforts of supplier and OEM personnel, the world’s efforts to address COVID-19 would have been a lot weaker than they have been.

The current attention on supply chains has led many companies to re-evaluate their purchasing strategies with the goal of reducing risks across their supplier networks. 

In the first of a four-part series, IndustryWeek Supply Chain Advisor Paul Ericksen provides insights to help manufacturers evaluate their sourcing strategies to reduce risk and volatility. To learn more, read the complete article, Supply-Chain Risk Planning: What's the Best Approach?

What Will the Next Normal Look Like?

The coronavirus crisis is a world-changing event. While it is impossible to know what the new normal will look like, it is possible to consider the lessons of the past, both distant and recent, to think constructively about the future.

A recent McKinsey & Company article highlights elements that will be important in shaping the next normal and factors that business leaders will need to come to accept.

Click here to read McKinsey & Company's complete article, The Future is not what it used to be: thoughts on the shape of the next normal.


Balancing Demand & Same-Day Shipping Driven by COVID-19

Columbia, MO-based Calibration Technologies Inc's (CTI), is a leading manufacturer of gas detection equipment and sensors. Their industry-recognized expertise with sensors that thrive in extreme conditions has made them the industry standard in temperature-controlled supply chains, including those that serve grocery stores, medical facilities, and pharmaceutical suppliers.

Demand for cold storage is growing exponentially as COVID-19’s effects put an exceptional strain on all refrigerated food product supply chains. CTI’s sensors are what keeps cold stage supply chains healthy and able to deliver food on time. To help ensure the on-time delivery of its high-quality sensors—almost always with same-day shipping—CTI relies on its DELMIAworks manufacturing ERP system.

Click here to learn how CTI has been able to balance increased demand with its capacity, keep production on track, and move at optimal efficiency.

New Webinar Series: 5 Ways Helps Small Manufacturers Thrive

ERP systems are not only for large businesses. Thousands of small businesses use ERP to deliver outstanding customer service and drive profitability. The new ERP for SMB webinar series will highlight the five essential benefits an ERP solution delivers:

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Featured Whitepaper

Gartner Research Report: 2020 Road Map for Business Continuity Management

The recent events associated with COVID-19 underscores the importance of Business Continuity Planning. While no one can predict when the next disaster, pandemic, or other disruption will occur, a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can help minimize the risk to your employees, operations, and supply chain.

Gartner's recent research report, 2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management, provides manufacturing organizations with insights to:

  • Define mission-critical processes and deliverables
  • Establish recovery priorities and gaps
  • Eliminate fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • Identify risk funding gaps
  • Ensure organizational buy-in

We are pleased to offer you a copy of Gartner's 2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management, to help you develop a migration plan to quickly rebound and prosper after a business disruption. DOWNLOAD NOW!