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Now, Next, Beyond: The Three Phases of Manufacturer's COVID-19 Recovery

Whatever their sector or market, manufacturing companies need no reminder, we are living in extraordinary times. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rewrite the rules of daily life, both personally and professionally, every business must deal with challenges that few, if any, will ever have expected to face.

In these most testing of times, COVID-19 is forcing every business to hit the reset button. For all but a handful of organizations, there is, right now, no business as usual. Challenging as that is, it also presents a clear opportunity for companies to invest in the transformation programs that will make them more successful in the future.

Click here to read the recent Forbes article, Now, Next, Beyond: The Three Phases Of Manufacturers’ COVID-19 Recovery,  to learn what you can do to survive and come back more successful in the future.

Five Ways Augmented Intelligence Can Improve Manufacturing

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking at the potential of digital technologies to improve their responsiveness to customer needs and to increase their competitiveness. Now more than ever, there is a need for a common digital thread to integrate real-time data to drive efficiencies and make timely, informed decisions.

The greater the uncertainty manufacturers face, the more they need to consider how they can apply augmented intelligence to become more resilient.

A recent article on The Manufacturer highlights how a unified data platform that provides a 360-degree view of production operations can help manufacturers grow competitively stronger in an uncertain world.

Read the complete article, Five Ways Augmented Intelligence Can Improve Manufacturing. 


Why ERP is the New Face of Business Continuity

Today, during the COVID-19 response, ERP is keeping entire industries in operation with its ability to sustain business operations through remote access, automated reporting, electronic data exchange, and real-time factory controls. Never in the history of ERP have we seen it play a more significant role in the continuance of manufacturing operations around the world.

Learn how our customers are using DELMIAworks (IQMS) ERP software functionality to maintain business continuity by: 

Adapting Fast When Demands Shift

The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in fast changes in demand across the different industries that North Carolina manufacturing company Core Technology Molding Corporation serves. 

Business continuity planning is an ongoing process at Core Technology, and in February 2020, the senior management team began defining scenarios of how they could keep operating. Click here to learn how Core Technologies has been able to respond to the dramatic demand fluctuations driven by COVID-19.

Featured Whitepaper

How Manufacturing Traceability Can Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Track-and-trace adoption is accelerating quickly in manufacturing today to help companies gain greater visibility into supply chain issues that may affect product quality and customer deliveries. Track-and-trace provides manufacturers the data and insights to:

  • Take action on quality and customer challenges before they become a costly problem
  • Improve production and process quality
  • Ensure high levels of inventory accuracy and forecasting precision
  • Troubleshoot supplier quality problems to avert more significant challenges in the future

Download the whitepaper, How to Streamline Supply Chains and Improve Production Efficiency with Track and Trace, to stay competitive and responsive to customer demands. DOWNLOAD NOW!