IQReport April 13, 2016 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

IQReport April 13, 2017

Made in USA Remains Critical as Manufacturing Rebounds

We are in the midst of a Manufacturing Renaissance in America, and the data suggest this rebound has been building for some time.

Pacific Molded Technology in El Paso, TX is an example of one company that has continued to thrive for over 44 years despite economic downturns. Their approach: No matter what the climate, Made in America is best for their company, their customers and their country. Read more on how Made in America works for Plastics Molding Technology.

The Enhance Manufacturing Worker

The transformation of factories doesn’t involve only new machine tools and IoT. Soon, workers themselves will be fitted with advanced technologies from head to foot.

The wearable robotics industry is projected to develop into a $2 billion global market within the next decade. What can you expect between then and now? And how can you apply this tech to your floor and see real ROI? Read the complete Enhanced Factory Working article in Industry Week.

IQMS News & Information

10 Ways Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Are Accelerating Time-To-Market and Quality

Any manufacturer who pursues greater speed, scale of operations and strives to be simpler to do business with will win more deals and grow faster than competitors. Gartner, IDC and independent research studies all show that manufacturers who provide the first quote have the highest probability of closing a deal.

Add to this the ability to provide real-time updates on orders while managing shop floor operations, and the competitive strength of customer-driven manufacturing becomes clear.

When the goal is excelling at customer-based measures of performance, MES is becoming increasingly important, leading to a revolution in manufacturing results. Learn why.

IQMS Debuts 2 New Manufacturing ERP and Business Intelligence in the Cloud Powered by Oracle

Increasingly manufacturers are turning to cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to achieve greater agility, ensure data integrity and system up time, and minimize infrastructure costs. To support these manufacturers, we are expanding our line of cloud-based solutions with two new offerings

Learn more about the new IQMS cloud-based solutions.

Featured Whitepaper

The Value of Real-Time Data From the Plant Floor

Lack of true, real-time production performance data can quickly cause a crippling effect throughout the enterprise including, unplanned downtime, products trending out of specification, inaccurate scheduling, and missed ship dates. Unfortunately for some manufacturers, they associate "real-time" with data that is provided when a shift ends, production reports are logged or the when the batch upload of information from the shop floor is received....up to four to eight hour later.

Click here to download the whitepaper, What is the Value of Real-Time Data, to learn how to eliminate the negative effects on your bottom lined caused by the lack of true real-time data.