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IQReport April 13, 2016

Economist Sees Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing

The US and international economies are having some impact on the demand for manufactured goods, but positive trends — including a spike in future orders — point to growth in the manufacturing sector. That was theme of the keynote on Day Two of the Pinnacle conference for customers of IQMS. The keynote session, “Five Reasons to Set Your Hair on Fire and Five Directions to Chill,” was delivered by Dr. Christopher Kuehl, co-founder, managing director, and the lead economic analyst at Armada Corporate Intelligence.  

Kuehl began his keynote by examining topics that are top of mind with manufacturers, including the changing role of China, economic developments in the US and internationally, retail and stock market trends, and oil prices. He then dove into several trends that bode well for manufacturers. Read more.

Ohio Manufacturing Porgrams Receive Funding

Ohio manufacturers will benefit from a new five-year round of federal funding for the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a program that supports small and medium-sized manufacturers by providing products, services and assistance that is meant to increase their productivity, growth and global competitiveness

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is allocating $5.25 million per year to the program through 2021. With money from state and local partners, the program will have $80 million to assist Ohio manufacturers over the next five years. Learn more.

IQMS News & Information

IQMS Debuts WebIQ Browser-Based User Interface

The new WebIQ interface to IQMS ERP software was unveiled Tuesday, April 5th at the IQMS Pinnacle user conference. The user interface (UI) is designed to run on any device that has a standard browser and Internet connection, giving IQMS customers the flexibility to access EnterpriseIQ anywhere from their computer, mobile phone or tablet of choice.

In addition to providing the flexibility to use a range of popular devices and Web browsers, WebIQ eliminates the need to update client-side software or maintain terminal services functionality. As a result, manufacturers can eliminate a significant layer of IT cost. Learn more.

Customer Video: Using ERP to Meet Industry Quality Requirements

For medical manufacturer, Schnipke Precision Molding, any component they make can affect someone's life. That is why it is of the utmost importance that the software they use to run their business also helps them comply with medical manufacturing requirements. Watch this short video to learn how IQMS ERP software allows Schnipke Manufacturing to "have a positive impact on people's lives" with tools that help them meet medical industry requirements. Watch now.

Featured Whitepaper

Synchronizing the Supply Chain: How ERP Can Open Up Capacity

If you are like most manufacturing companies, you are constantly asking yourself, how can I get the most capacity out of my existing resources? Manufacturers would do well to consider early American history for the answer to that question. We were all taught at an early age about how Native Americans got every ounce of good from the buffalo. Today’s manufacturers can find capacity by getting every ounce of good from their current production environment. But how?

The answer is right under your nose. Download this whitepaper to learn how to get every ounce of good from your plant