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IQReport April 2019

Leading in a Time of Transformation: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Transforming manufacturing in a time of disruption - That was the focus of senior vice president of Automotive Coatings for PPG, Rebecca Liebert's keynote presentation at the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference this week.

Customer expectations are rising, and there is no room for mistakes. For example “It used to be OK to have a few defects,” she said. “Today the customer is really looking for zero defects." How are you going to adapt to these demands? 

A recent IndustryWeek article shares Liebert's four key areas for leaders to manage through the transformation and stay ahead of the competition. Read IndustryWeek's complete article, Leading in a Time of Transformation

ERP Survey: The Real Facts about ERP Implementation

In the “old days” of  ERP implementations, research related to ERP implementation success rates told a dismal story. Is this still the case today?

In late 2018, Mint Jutras and Ultra Consultants surveyed more than 300 North American manufacturers and distributors, on the success of their ERP implementations in terms of schedule, cost and return on investment (ROI). 

The findings “flip the script” on often cited poor ERP implementation success rates from previous years. The recent research found 67 percent of survey respondents consider their implementations as successful or very successful. 

How does your ERP implementation stack up? Download your copy of the full Mint Jutras research report, “Real Facts About ERP Implementation,” to understand the rates of ERP implementation success and failure experienced by today’s manufacturing and distribution industry.


Real-time for the win – how Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Excels with IQMS

Some say short-run manufacturing is the future. For Donnelly Custom Manufacturing, it’s driven their success for 35 years. A recent diginomica exclusive highlights what Donnelly has learned about succeeding in short run manufacturing – and the challenges they’ve overcome

Click here to read diginomica's complete article to learn how Donnelly leverages real-time insights from the plant floor and a culture of customer intimacy to keep their competitive edge.

ERP Software Helps Stamping Manufacturer Meet 100% On Time Delivery 

Being the final link in the supply chain to a major automaker means at least two things: One, your components’ dimensions have to be very precise to ensure perfect fit-up or stackup. Two, you can’t hold up the assembly line, even if you have only a few hours to fulfill the order.

Such are the challenges faced daily by Northern Industrial Manufacturing Corp., of Harrison Township, Mich. The company has been awarded the GM Supplier Excellence Award for six consecutive years, achieves zero defective PPM and 100 percent on-time deliveries.

The Stamping Journal< recently highlighted how IQMS manufacturing software helped Northern Industrial overcome customer complaints, incorrect part numbers, documentation and labeling problems and "production mayhem" to become a key supplier and strong link in the automotive supply chain. Read Stamping Journal's complete article on Northern Industrial's journey.

Featured Whitepaper

How to Increase OEE Performance

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) continues to gain in popularity as manufacturers seek to quantify plant, manufacturing line, and machine-level performance and find ways each area can be improved.

OEE has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing from the shop floor to the top floor. The most successful OEE strategies are based on organizational goals that impact every aspect of a manufacturer’s business, including:

  • Improving quality
  • Decreasing costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing capacity

Download the whitepaper, Lessons Learned on How to Increase OEE Performance, for insights that all manufacturers can use to increase efficiency and quality to get the most value out of OEE. DOWNLOAD NOW!