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IQReport March 2020

Maintaining Factory Efficiency In Remote Environments

Every day, another challenge arises, and the growing impact of COVID-19 has left most companies rushing to implement new processes to minimize operational impact. Remote working has become the new norm, but for the manufacturing industry, it can present a significant challenge. 

Factories depend on operators to keep machines running, and it’s simply not possible for them to work remotely. It is possible, however, to significantly reduce the number of people needed to maintain operations.

A new article in Forbes highlights tactics that manufacturers are taking to maintain the health and safety of critical floor employees. Click here to read the complete article, How to Keep Manufacturing Efficient in Remote Environments.

Demystifying the Digital in Quality Management

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking at the potential of digital transformation to improve their responsiveness to customer needs and to increase their competitiveness. Now more than ever, there is a need for a common digital thread to integrate real-time data to drive efficiencies and make timely, informed decisions.

The benefits in quality management are particularly compelling—offering the ability to optimize product quality and customers’ experiences by streamlining audits and reporting, improving batch and process manufacturing workflows, and synchronizing production centers to improve perfect order performance.

A recent Quality Magazine article examines the quality and compliance gaps that many manufacturers will need to address, as well as real-world digital transformation strategies for maximizing quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Read the complete article, Demystifying the Digital in Quality Management, now. 


IQMS Virtual Programs Ensure Business Continuity

IQMS (DELMIAworks) is observing all local and national guidance regarding COVID-19 precautions. Our technology infrastructure allows us to remain fully operational to support the needs of our customers and the manufacturing industry.

Virtual Training. We have expanded our virtual training programs to help educate and cross-train your staff. Participating in Virtual Training is an excellent productive activity to keep employees feeling engaged and enriched. Click to access the Training & Event Calendar.

eLearning Subscriptions. Check out our eLearning program as an option for employees that may have inconsistent working hours. 24/7 availability in short, easy to consume sessions covering 130 modules and over 750 sub-topics.

Help Desk Support.  Our entire support staff will continue to be available from 5 am PT to 5 pm PT Monday through Friday. Through online collaboration and communication tools, we can quickly and effectively respond to your issues and questions.

HMS Support. One of the many benefits of Hosted Managed Services (HMS) is the ability to manage and run your business and shop floor remotely. Our HMS team will continue to be available from 5 am PT to 5 pm PT. We are also available to discuss moving your EnterpriseIQ installation to a virtual environment to ensure business continuity. 

Featured Whitepaper

Real-Time Shop Floor Data

Your shop floor operates in real-time. It moves fast, and so must you. Beyond the collection and integration of shop floor data, the real challenge is to make that data actionable – in an instant – to everyone, no matter where they are located. Only by doing so will you achieve the visibility and control you need to:

  • Increase responsiveness to demand volatility
  • Better utilize existing production capacity
  • Identify poor machine performance
  • Improve quality
  • Deliver on-time

Download the whitepaper, Real-Time Shop Floor Integration Simplified, to learn how an ERP system integrated with the shop floor can help you stay competitive and profitable in today’s demand-driven economy. DOWNLOAD NOW!