IQReport March 2016 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

March 2016 IQReport

Manufacturing Metrics that Really Matter: Digging Through the Data in an IIoT World

As technology and process maturity continually evolve within manufacturing, so too does the number of potential benchmark measurements companies have at their disposal. So which performance measurements are really moving the needle for manufacturers today?

The fourth iteration of the biennial Metrics that Matter research study conducted by LNS Research dives deep into how the IIoT, Cloud, and Analytics are transforming manufacturing and enabling new business models, as well as which KPIs are driving improvements across business areas like:

Learn more about the study in this free webinar, "Metrics that Really Matter: Digging Through the Data in an IIoT World,"  co-sponsored by IQMS and presented by LNS Research and MESA International on Tuesday, March 29 at 1:00 pm EDT.

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Manufacturing PMI Continues to Increase

The Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) came in at 49.5 in February of 2016, higher than 48.2 in January and well above its recent low of 48 in December.

A PMI of 50 is considered the mid-point between expanding and contracting production.  Given historically low oil prices and their drag on that very large sector of the North American economy, the trend back towards 50 is very encouraging. 

In addition, production outside North America also continues to be weak.  Between low oil prices and weak international demand the upward trend of the index demonstrates the underlying strength of the North American manufacturing economy. 
Learn more about the February 2016 Manufacturing ISM Report

IQMS News & Information

IQMS Enhances Engagement With Customers Using Five9 Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

IQMS is committed to creating a superior customer experience. To deliver a new level of convenience and a richer support experience, IQMS has installed Five9’s cloud-based contact center software.  With Five9’s multichannel contact center capabilities, we are able to bring a richer experience and greater convenience to our customers through their communication channels of choice. Learn more.

Count down to IQMS Pinnacle User Conference

IQMS Pinnacle begins on Tuesday, April 5th which is less than 3 weeks away. In addition to a full, 3 day schedule of training sessions, we have some fun social activities planned too.

Download the Pinnacle App or check the website for all the latest on the IQMS Pinnacle User Conference.  

Featured Whitepaper

ERP Deployment: Why Choice is the New Cloud

There is a lot of hype around what is the best ERP deployment option. Which is the best? The truth is, no single ERP deployment method is right for every manufacturer. Your business may have strategies and needs that are not well matched to a traditional on-premises deployment or a strictly defined software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment. So how do you determine what is the best option for your company?

The best answer is having a broad choice of deployment options and being able to pick the solution that is best for your business.Download this whitepaper to identify what deployment attributes are important to your business, and you will see why "Choice" is the new cloud.