IQReport March 08, 2016 - Manufacturing and ERP News From IQMS

IQReport March 08, 2017

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace Since August 2014

Manufacturing expanded in February at the fastest pace since August 2014 as factory managers reported stronger orders and production.

The Institute of Supply Management's (ISM) gauge of orders increased to the highest level in just over three years, while an index of production posted its best reading since March 2011. The data were preceded by recent regional indicators showing similar strength that has prevailed since the presidential election as companies begin to step up investment and the global economy stabilizes. Click here to read the complete article on Bloomberg Markets.

Hiring for the Factory Floor:  What are the most important skills?

When you hire for the factory floor, what is more important to look for in a candidate -- the hard skills (e.g., CNC machining experience) or softer skills like problem-solving or being a team player?

This is a common question faced by many plant floor managers. And as is often the case, the answer depends on the candidate, the position and your company culture. A recent article in Industry Week addressed this issue with helpful insights and tips on building a workforce with better workers and team players. Read more on hiring for the factory floor.

IQMS News & Information

IQMS Representative ERP Vendor in New Gartner Report

IQMS has been identified as a representative vendor in the Gartner "Market Guide for Product-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions” report. IQMS’s ERP and MES cloud offerings are designed specifically for the needs of manufacturing companies, one of the categories of product-centric organizations identified in the report.

The Gartner "Market Guide for Product-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions” report notes that, “Product-centric companies are increasingly directly impacted by the emergence of digital business, which is disrupting many of the traditional business models in product-centric industries. Read more.

IQMS Pinnacle User Conference Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers for the 2017 IQMS Pinnacle User Conference have been announced. The keynote sessions include:

Click here for see highlights from Pinnacle 2016 and learn what to look forward to at the 2017 Pinnacle event.

Featured Whitepaper

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Technology Considerations

Although PLM software has evolved over time, the goals of product lifecycle management have always mirrored those of manufacturers: shorten the time frame from product concept to sales, reduce development and manufacturing costs, ramp up production volumes to meet customer demand, and optimize product quality.

What should you look for when it's time to choose a PLM system? Click here to download the whitepaper, Technology & Software Considerations When choosing your PLM System, to learn more about the features and functionality that will help optimize your manufacturing and administrative processes, enhance product safety and quality, and speed time to market.