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IQReport March 2019

"Towards A Reskilling Revolution:" What It Means for Manufacturing

Among the many weighty matters discussed at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting last month in Davos, Switzerland, was the increasing need for reskilling –  that is, providing training and education for new and different careers – of the world’s workforce, as jobs are changed or eliminated by advances in technology.

A recent Forbes article highlights why manufacturing is a sector in particular need of focus and action on reskilling. Click here to read the complete article and learn how to overcome reskilling challenges of production workers.

Tech Trends to Watch During the Next Decade

The next decade will be wrought with technological change across the manufacturing industry. How painful or productive that is depends on what your company decides to invest its time and energy on today.

To prepare for all the critical transformations besetting the industry in the coming decade, which are not only poised to restructure your business, but the very nature of modern society, you have to know all the major technologies at play.

Read the complete IndustryWeek article, Exposing the Top Ten Manufacturing Tech Trends of 2020, to learn more about the technology you should focus on today to improve your company's ability to grow, reduce challenges and improve the KPIs on your plant floor. 


Excelling at Manufacturing Quality and Security

Success in manufacturing is built on continuous improvements. IQMS customer Innovation Composite Engineering explains their winning strategy in a recent Diginomica article.

Learn how Innovative Composite Engineering manages to thrive for thirty years despite industry shifts, especially in a market with high quality and security standards.

Click here to read Diginomica's complete article, How Innovative Composite Engineering excels at manufacturing quality and security with IQMS.

Expediting Time to Market With IQMS and Dassault Systèmes

On January 8th 2019, IQMS’s ERP and MES solutions became part of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, that provides manufacturers with an affordable system for operations that improves the collaboration, manufacturing efficiency and business agility needed to serve their customers successfully. 

Accessible Technologies is one of the companies that knows the value of the integration and the 3DExperience first hand. Watch this short video to hear how they are using IQMS and SOLIDWORKS technology to accelerate time to market and stay one step ahead of the competition. Watch Now!

Featured Whitepaper

5 Supply Chain Metrics That Will Have the Biggest Impact on Improving Efficiency

When it comes to measuring supply chain performance, there are hundreds of metrics you can measure. Using too many metrics is confusing and makes it hard for your team to focus on priorities. Too few metrics may not provide enough information to guide the business and make proactive decisions.

Download the whitepaper, The Five Most Important Supply Chain Metrics, to learn more about the performance indicators that work together to keep your supply chain lean and your customers happy. DOWNLOAD NOW!