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IQReport February 2020

Putting a Human Face on the Digital Supply Chain

Enabling a digitally driven supply chain holds the promise of improving access to information, streamlining decision-making, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration and trust. So what is the best way to introduce digital technology to optimize your supply chain?

For the latest wave of supply-chain innovation to deliver its full potential, companies must be willing to adapt their processes, capabilities, and management systems. Introducing new technologies without also making changes to operating systems, mindsets, and management infrastructure increases the risk of “digitizing the current firefighting” rather than fundamentally transforming supply-chain performance. 

A recent McKinsey article, Digital supply-chain transformation with a human face, highlights how digital approaches that work with people, rather than around or against them, tend to achieve greater impact while proving easier to implement and more sustainable over time. Click here to read the complete article to learn how a human-centered approach to innovation can ensure your projects reach their full potential.

U.S. Apprenticeship Programs Get $100 Million Boost

The U.S. Department of Labor announced February 18 that it would award $100 million in grants to 28 public-private apprenticeship programs throughout the country. The “Apprenticeship: Closing the Skills Gap” program targets funding apprenticeships in the fields of IT, healthcare, and “advanced manufacturing.”

Using H-1B training funds, grant awards range from $500,000 to $6 million to each organization partnering with businesses ready to train apprentices. The grantees include institutions of higher education, state systems of higher education, nonprofit trade organizations, industry or employer associations, labor unions, and labor-management organizations. The grant program will support the training of more than 92,000 individuals in new or expanded apprenticeship programs, and increase access to apprenticeship opportunities for all Americans.

Learn about the Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gap grant program recipients.


Nordell Ltd Breaks Through Ceilings with Real-Time Data

The availability of real-time manufacturing data has had a “massive” impact on global manufacturing company Nordell’s business, allowing them to “nearly double” what they are can achieve in a day. With company-wide access to real-time plant floor information, available in a common data-set, they can:

Watch this short video to see how Nordell "breaks through ceilings" with real-time data in DELMIAWORKS (IQMS).

Software to Help Adapt to Ebb & Flow of Industrial Trends

“In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing.” Author Norman Maclean penned the words in his autobiography, “A River Runs Through It.” The book chronicles Maclean’s life on the Blackfoot River in early 20th century Montana.

Like the Blackfoot River, DELMIAWORKS’ IQMS ERP software, born on the shop floor, runs through the industry’s landscape supporting the trends that influence manufacturing. In a recent article in FF journal, Steve Bieszczat, DELMIAWORKS CMO, highlights how IQMS Software helps manufacturers adjust to the trends and issues impacting their organizations, including:

Click here to read the complete article, Born to Run.

Featured Whitepaper

How to Increase OEE Performance

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) continues to gain in popularity as manufacturers seek to quantify plant, manufacturing line, and machine-level performance and find ways each area can be improved.

OEE has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing from the shop floor to the top floor. The most successful OEE strategies support organizational goals that impact every aspect of a manufacturer’s business, including:

  • Improving quality
  • Decreasing costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing capacity

Download the whitepaper, Lessons Learned on How to Increase OEE Performance, for insights that all manufacturers can use to increase efficiency and quality to get the most value out of OEE. DOWNLOAD NOW!