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IQReport February 2021

The Need for Resiliency

There isn't a CEO or management team on earth who could have predicted the health, financial, and economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the dramatic shifts in customer expectations, demand patterns, and industry structures create rich opportunities for equally dramatic changes in companies' operations and beyond.

"The need for visibility on both the demand and supply side is what will enable organizations to withstand disruptions with minimal impact to productivity," says Katy George, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company.

In their recent study, McKinsey highlights how business leaders are re-examining the role that operations play in connecting with customers and finding ways to build to new levels of resiliency. Read McKinsey's article, The Need for Resiliency, to learn more.

The Direction of Automation in Discrete Manufacturing

Few would argue that 2020 was a year in which our collective and individual visions of the present and future were not profoundly impacted. In late 2020, Automation World conducted a study of automation technology suppliers to better understand how manufacturers — end-users across the industrial spectrum — are reacting to the economic and societal changes of 2020.

In the first of four articles, Automation World explores how the marketplace realities of 2020 are — or are not — influencing the direction of automation  in discrete manufacturing sectors. Click here to read the complete Automation World article to learn more.

DELMIAworks (IQMS) News

New DELMIAworks SHOPWORKS Module Enhances the Shop Floor Experience

MetalForming Magazine recently highlighted how our new SHOPWORKS module can help manufacturers simplify shop-floor operators' activities, providing real-time insights into production performance and job-specific documents, drawings, and instructions. With an intuitive touchscreen user interface and easy-to-use widgets, work center dashboards can be customized to present operators with the information and processes needed to do their exact jobs.

"Manufacturers needing to rapidly switch between different production runs to meet customers' tight timelines will appreciate the new intelligent SHOPWORKS interface introduced by DELMIAworks."  Click here to learn more.

How to Achieve a Successful Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

It's no secret that Digital Transformation has become a top priority for today's manufacturers looking to control costs, empower employees and increase their competitiveness in the market.

To achieve lasting success with any digital transformation strategy, manufacturers must put employees first then selectively focus on technologies that enable every member of their team to excel and stay connected. Read the complete article, How to Achieve a Successful Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, to learn more. 

Featured Whitepaper

3 Rules for Managing Manufacturing Data

The future of manufacturing lies in the hands of the businesses that can best capture and manage their shop floor data. But the increase of information does not come without challenges. For example, once you have the data, how can you use it to improve processes, accountability and profitability?

DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER, Three Rules for Managing Your Manufacturing Data, to learn how you can leverage production data to empower employees and improve the decision-making process with a realistic picture of what is occurring on your shop floor in real-time. DOWNLOAD NOW!