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IQReport February 2019

What Will Manufacturing Jobs Look Like in the Digital Era?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the world of work through artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, automation, analytics, and the Internet of Things. It is also creating a mismatch between available workers and the skills necessary for open jobs.

How can the manufacturing industry prepare for this future workplace and ready its workforce to work beside robots and advanced technologies? What are the skills that will become “must-haves” in the future workplace? A new Deloitte study explores answers to these questions as they examine potential solutions to close the manufacturing skills gap and indentify what future manufacturing jobs will look like in the digital era.

Read more about Deloitte's study, The Future of Work in Manufacturing.

Improve Manufacturing Inspections, Product Quality & Supply Chain Visibility with Machine Learning

Manufacturers’ most valuable data is generated on shop floors daily, bringing with it the challenge of how to analyze the data to quickly find prescriptive insights – and an ideal problem for machine learning to solve.

Some of the most important manufacturing data comes from product inspections that can immediately identify exceptionally strong or weak suppliers, quality issues and compliance practices in a factory. Manufacturers can use this data to overcome significant challenges in getting quality inspection results out quick enough across brands and retailers, other factories, suppliers and vendors to make a difference and improve future product quality.

Read the complete article How Machine Learning Improves Manufacturing Inspections, Product Quality & Supply Chain Visibility to learn how combining a scalable inspection cloud platform combined with AI, machine learning and mobile technologies can improve inspections, product quality, and supply chain visibility.


Change as a Discipline - How Accumold Excels at Data-Driven Manufacturing

Transformation is perceived as a huge project that pushes against cultural norms. But for one manufacturer, Accumold, change has always been a constant.

A recent Diginomica article highlights how IQMS customer Accumold saw the value of data-driven manufacturing to support growth and stay one step ahead of their competition.  Click here to learn how Accumold harnessed data to fuel their growth – and how they were in on IoT before the buzzword existed.

IQMS Software Named a FrontRunner in Manufacturing Category

IQMS is pleased to be positioned as a Manufacturing Software FrontRunner in the Software Advice FrontRunners for Manufacturing, December 2018 report.

Software Advice, a Gartner company, gave the IQMS Manufacturing ERP software a rating of four stars out of a possible five based on reviews and ratings from end-user customers. The recognition represents the fourth consecutive time that IQMS has been identified as one of the FrontRunners for Manufacturing. Click here to read more

Featured Whitepaper

Best Practices for Optimizing the Production Scheduling Process

Scheduling your shop floor to maximize production capacity while meeting fluctuations in customer demands is a complex process. There is a constant challenge to synchronize the availability of equipment, tools, materials, workforce, and vendors to meet customer deadlines.

How can production teams "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome"?

Download the whitepaper, Best Practices for Optimizing the Production Scheduling Process, to learn more about the coveted tools and best practices used by three manufacturers to boost production scheduling efficiency, cut costs and increase plant capacity. DOWNLOAD NOW!