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March 2021 IQReport

The Real Future of the Factory

Without much warning, the pandemic tested the feasibility of many Factory of the Future theories. Undoubtedly, it has put a wealth of technologies in the spotlight – and often for a good reason, when they have been able to rise to the occasion and address blaring areas of concern.

A recent IndustryWeek article, The Real Future of the Factory, highlights why the pandemic has placed an intense focus on the importance of technology that drives smart decisions and adaptability.

Click here to read the complete article to learn why smart connectivity is a critical differentiator that fuels future success.  

Diversity and Inclusion: What you Need to Know

Manufacturing workers are deeply diverse in all sorts of ways: age, gender, race and ethnicity, ability and sexual orientation—not to mention education, life experience, and socioeconomic background. To be competitive, businesses must be able to connect with the skills and experiences of a wide range of communities.

To help manufacturers looking to begin—or improve—their diversity and inclusion efforts, the Manufacturing Institute recently hosted a virtual summit bringing together a panel of experts to provide expert advice on this trending topic. 

The event was recorded and is now available to watch online. Click here to learn more about the Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Summit and view recorded event sessions. 


DELMIAworks (IQMS) News & Information

WEBINAR: How to Leverage Shop Floor Machine Data to Drive Continuous Improvements

To stay competitive, today's successful manufacturing companies depend on real-time shop floor monitoring tools that enable them to react, respond and continuously improve.

Join us on Tuesday, March 16th, at 11:00 AM PT to learn how DELMIAworks Production Monitoring technology provides a real-time view of what is happening on your plant floor to help drive continuous improvement throughout your organization, including how to:


How Supply Chain Management Software Became Manufacturing's Shock Absorber in 2021

Unpredictable demand swings caused by the pandemic are stress-testing supply chain management systems across manufacturing, helping many manufacturers discover new strengths they hadn't realized they had before.

A recent DELMIAworks blog post highlights how demand planning and supply chain software help manufacturers overcome their toughest challenges and manage demand volatility. Learn how supply chain software became the shock absorber manufacturers needed to manage in a chaotic and turbulent environment. Learn more.

Featured Whitepaper

Improving Production Performance with Real-Time Monitoring

Manufacturers are continuously challenged with improving time to market while reducing production costs and increasing quality. Real-time monitoring is essential for synchronizing the manufacturing environment and providing vital feedback to help:

  • Identify what products are the most efficient, producible, and profitable to build
  • Improve the performance and reliability of every machine on the shop floor
  • Reduce production errors and costs

DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER, How to Improve Production Performance with Real-Time Monitoring, to learn how your manufacturing organization can become more resilient, responsive, and profitable. DOWNLOAD NOW!