ERP Success Story - AcroTech Plastics increases efficiency with manufacturing specific ERP Software

IQMS IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software Increases Efficiency for AcroTech

A first-person user's account of the IQMS product

At AcroTech Plastics Group, we use the most technologically advanced equipment available for our proprietary injection molding, custom injection molding and custom blow molding operations. With several plants in two states and more than 100 machines, data management is the number one reason we needed a new ERP system.

Our previous legacy system was text-based, definitely not intuitive and lacked a usable interface. Our data was on post-it notes, numerous files and multiple databases.

One of our facilities began using EnterpriseIQ from IQMS years ago, and when it converted to the Windows version, we knew this was the right system for us. We added EnterpriseIQ to a second plant and a third will come online soon.

EnterpriseIQ gives us the data access we need, and we've used this data to achieve significant efficiencies in our business such as inventory accuracy and process improvement. In the past, we struggled with data, but with EnterpriseIQ that struggle is now over. 

EnterpriseIQ, (from IQMS in Paso Robles, CA) offers us a wide range of modules that fit our business and our industry. We use most of the modules including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, PO Receiving, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Process Cost, Forecast, Quality, CRM/SRM and EDI.

Quantifiable Results

Five modules have given us the most significant results. These include:

RealTime™ provides greater visibility on the shop floor than we've ever had before. With this clear look at our floor's activities, we've become aware of issues, both positive and negative, much sooner. It's also greatly improved our timeliness and added significant accuracy to our production reporting.

Time and Attendance, which we use exclusively at our Southwest plant, gives us great labor tracking abilities. We can tie an employee's hours spent to a work order, and get our true costs for that job. From an analysis standpoint, we can track certain work orders to see if they've taken too long or if there's more scrap or down time then there should be, essentially find the key issues, and make changes for a better fit.

EDI module helps us automatically process larger orders that used to be input manually. EDI saves us 4-1/2 days per week of order entry. 

Scheduling is very efficient. We used to do our scheduling on a white board in a conference room, now it's all on-line and we are more efficient with set-ups and change-overs. 

CRM gives our team mouse-click availability to customer management, order management, quoting prospect control and a whole suite of controls that interfaces with their Outlook. Our groups are most excited about this module since it is very convenient. 

We're finding increased efficiencies all the time. Since our orders are more accurate, we've used the end as a starting point to streamline the entire production process even more. We've saved a lot of money and time with increased accuracy in our inventory management, in terms of actual versus virtual. 

Sometimes people are often afraid of what they don't know, but I've frequently been asked why we didn't implement EnterpriseIQ sooner.

About the Author

With more than 30 years of IT experience, Bob Bester has been an integral part of the AcroTech team. Prior to that he was an independent IT consultant. AcroTech provides plastic injection and blow molding products to a wide variety of industries. The company operates plants in the Midwest and Texas with more than 100 machines and 275 people serving customers across the United States.