IQMS and EnterpriseIQ Training Programs

IQMS Training Programs

Studies have proven that companies that place a premium on training progress significantly faster, with better results than those that do not. This same philosophy holds true with EnterpriseIQ manufacturing ERP software. The comprehensive product is broad, in some places complex, and its integrated nature can fundamentally change the way you look at your business.

To help your employees gain thorough and ongoing knowledge of the EnterpriseIQ system, IQMS offers several training programs to get your staff trained and reaping the benefits of EnterpriseIQ. These programs address different needs of the user community and cover both global and specific issues within the software. The IQMS training programs will teach you not only program functionality, but more importantly, how to USE the system and the data to achieve maximum benefits for your organization.

IQMS Hands-On Classroom Training Center Programs

IQMS has three state-of-the-art training facilities that provide users with hands-on training experience. Class size is kept to a minimum allowing users a more personal and interactive environment to encourage and stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the concepts being presented. Click here to learn more about the IQMS training center program.

Online Training

Whether you need to jump start the implementation of a new EnterpriseIQ module, refresh yourself on specific functionality or delve deeper into how to use an existing module to meet your specific company needs, an online training session may be just what you need. IQMS offers users three different online training programs:

Self-help online training videos

IQMS provides users with an extensive program of self-help training videos. The online training video program delivers a multitude of step-by-step instructional videos available by function or by module to ensure all the IQMS users in your company are substantially trained and utilizing the EnterpriseIQ ERP software to the fullest. Learn more about the IQMS online training library.

Live, instructor led online training

IQMS offers customers two affordable options for real-time instructor-led training conducted online.

  1. Internet Based Training (IBT) -- Focused, single customer training, completely customized by the user to address the specific subjects and needs of their organization. IQMS training staff uses the Internet to connect directly to a customer PC. Training is done in real-time with the customer's data.
  2. Virtual Training Classes (VTC) -- Open to all EnterpriseIQ users, virtual training classes are presented in the same manner as IQMS classroom training courses with curriculum and content defined and developed by IQMS staff to meet the dynamic needs of the overall client base.

On-Site Training Classes

IQMS offers on-site training classes to those customers who feel better served by training at their facility. All classes taught in our training centers can also be performed at the customer site by an IQMS certified trainer. On-site training classes allow the flexibility of adapting the class duration and training topics to those most applicable to the customer's environment, while also allowing for the training of multiple users without asking them to travel away from their work environments. On-site training is billed at a daily rate, not per user, plus instructor travel expenses, and includes course workbooks and materials for each participant.

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*Users must be current on their maintenance fees.