IQMS Technical Support

When you need technical support, do you often feel like you are bounced from one vendor to another, each placing the blame on someone else? At IQMS, there is no finger pointing – all the help you need is just one simple call away. Additionally, the IQMS support programs provide more than just problem resolution. IQMS’ technical specialists support ongoing knowledge transfer to ensure a thorough and continuous understanding of the product.

Live phone support with problem resolution

Our staff of technical support specialists are trained to provide a consultative approach to problem resolution. As a result, customers gain a better understanding of the concepts and issues, ensuring maximum performance from their installation.

The IQMS support programs were designed to provide quick response time to problem resolution and include:

  • Live Phone Support -- IQMS support specialists provide personalized phone support to expedite problem resolution. The support staff has a background in manufacturing and realizes the importance of reducing downtime.
  • Email Support -- Email is the best tool for problem resolution. It eliminates discrepancies and misinterpretations and provides documentation for the future.
  • 24/7 Self Serve via the Web -- MyIQMS provides an online community forum that elevates customer service to the next level. With direct, real-time access to online support, clients better track support activities and resolutions directly from the tech support help desk. The online support resource allows users to create new support issues, add events, and sort activities by date and subject for open and resolved issues.
  • Online Instruction Videos -- MyIQMS also provides a module-specific virtual learning environment that delivers a multitude of step-by-step instructional videos and quizzes to ensure IQMS users are substantially trained and utilizing the EnterpriseIQ ERP software to the fullest.
  • Internet Remote Support -- No two customers or installations are the same. With desktop connectivity capabilities via the Internet, support specialists connect to customer computers and see issues in the customer's environment. This helps to ensure the most effective resolution specific to that unique installation.
  • Discussion Forum -- The MyIQMS discussion forum is a useful resource destination for users to interact with other EnterpriseIQ users. Clients can post questions or scenarios to the IQMS user base to help solve their unique business requirements. In a tight-knit community fashion, IQMS users can share files and reports while crowd sourcing for user best practice advice.
  • Software Enhancement Forum -- IQMS' collaborative approach to product development is supported with the software enhancement forum. The IQMS user community can submit development requests – all available for fellow user comments and votes – then follow the changes through development, testing and release.
  • Online Documentation -- Access to technical documents and manuals provide up-to-date and in depth details of EnterpriseIQ functionality.