IQMS Professional Services Group providing consulting services to manufacturing companies

IQMS Professional Services and Consulting

Maximize your ERP and Manufacturing System Investment

Whether installing the EnterpriseIQ ERP software solution for the first time, needing a thorough consultative approach to optimizing the performance and functionality of EnterpriseIQ, or upgrading to a new release, the IQMS Professional Service and Customer Success team is here to help. (Click here for more information about our dedicated team of IQMS Application Specialists.) A few of the many Professional Services and Customer Success programs available to IQMS customers include:

Initial ERP Software Implementation

An effective implementation program is the key to maximizing your return on your EnterpriseIQ ERP software investment. IQMS' Professional Services Group takes a proactive role to ensure a successful implementation by focusing on meeting your business goals.

Our unique Implementation by Design™ methodology mirrors the manufacturing process to ensure greater acceptance and success within your organization.  Our implementation program will help you:

  • Define your business processes and desired outcomes
  • Identify the what, where, when, how, and who of the implementation cycle 
  • Streamline processes and identify training gaps
  • Ensure key deliverables are production ready
  • Review and monitor implementation results

Click here to learn more about the Implementation by Design™ process to ensure an on time and on budget implementation.

Value Engineering Assessment

IQMS can help businesses optimize the benefits of the EnterpriseIQ ERP and MES system. As organizations evolve over the years, adjustments to everyday business processes become inevitable. Your business evolves and EnterpriseIQ continues to grow in features and functionality. The IQMS Value Engineering Assessment (VEA) program can help match functions to needs, optimize current processes, and provide the technology road-map to greater profitability.

The VEA program consists of a one to four day on-site visit to:

  • Assess your use of EnterpriseIQ based on your business goals.
  • Implement benchmarking tools to help you improve inventory turns, lean manufacturing and ultimately - profitability.
  • Develop a written assessment of internal process and technology recommendations to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to meet your business requirements.
  • Act as your advocate for software changes with IQMS programming staff and follow changes through the entire development process.
  • Demonstrate possible new strategies and features to get the most out of the EnterpriseIQ ERP and MES investment.

Contact the Customer Success team to learn more about the Value Engineering Assessment program.

Upgrade Installation Program

Each release of EnterpriseIQ is packed with new features and functions. The IQMS Professional Services Group is uniquely suited to assist with the actual installation and help your team quickly take advantage of the latest upgrade. Additionally, you can master the What's Changed document in the shortest time possible.

Contact IQMS today to get the most out of your EnterpriseIQ implementation.