Warehouse Management System - WMS

Complete ERP and WMS integration allows you to know where every single one of your boxes, parts, pellets, screws and tubes are in your entire plant with the click of a button.

IQMS understands the power that accurate, traceable inventory control can offer. Whether it is shortening your physical inventory time, staging materials more quickly or tracking raw materials through finished goods, IQMS’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) will simplify and improve manufacturing inventory management. Utilize barcodes and labels to collect, manage and track inventory movement and transactions through tablets, hand-held scanners or RF-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other mobile devices. Transactions are entered in real-time, right where they happen: on the manufacturing plant floor, on the fork lift, at receiving, at shipping, and anywhere in between. No batch updates!

Effectively, the EnterpriseIQ Warehouse Management System (WMS) has the potential to drastically improve the manufacturing inventory management process and lower the cost of inventory storage and data collection. The net effect is faster recognition of production and inventory changes within EnterpriseIQ, reduction of time spent at dedicated workstations, and dramatically improved accuracy of data input.

IQMS' Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Handles ALL inventory transactions including: receiving, adjustments, physical inventory, cycle counting, production and manufacturing entry, material backflush, pick tickets, packing slips, bills of lading, intercompany transfers, Kanban cards and more.

  • Is a complete software system containing all inventory transactions, made by any user within the EnterpriseIQ ERP software for maximum accountability and improved shipping and order fulfillment rates.

  • Offers real-time integration with scheduling, manufacturing management and sales to eliminate batch/data update postings and reconciliation of multiple inventory tables.

  • Detailed, customizable facility layouts for comprehensive inventory tracking, staging, storage, or cross-dock placement.

  • Improves customer service with 100% real-time updates to inventory information that is available to all departments - customer service, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and receiving.

  • Supports non-serialized and serialized transactions including "foreign" serial number tracking.

  • Print serialized labels for all types of products, materials and pallets and supports mixed-load labeling and reprinting of labels for shipping.

  • Automatically generates labels including AIAG compliant and customer and industry-specific labels.

  • Sophisticated pallet scanner to packing slip communication verifies scanned boxes belong on the pallet for shipment.

  • Supports packaging and distribution requirements for EDI-based shipments including ASN generation at time of shipment.

  • Allows for individual, user-defined profiles for custom system functionality based on the individual user's needs and responsibilities.

(Note: To better deliver on our clients’ needs, IQMS is a certified reseller of the robust line of Motorola hand-held scanners and other devices . Read more about the devices offered through our Hardware Department.)