EnterpriseIQ Electronic Data Interchange - EDI Software Solution

Process Transactions and Orders More Quickly with Hands-Off EDI Software

To stay competitive in today's busy world, more and more organizations are required to process business transactions electronically via Electronic Data Interchange - EDI Software. In many industries such as automotive, EDI is a prerequisite to doing business. EnterpriseIQ's EDI software assists and expedites the exchange of critical business data, streamlining business transactions and eliminating manual data entry errors while offering superior customer service that exceeds their customers' demands.

EnterpriseIQ EDI is seamlessly embedded with the EnterpriseIQ ERP and Manufacturing Software solution. No cumbersome third party interface to worry about here. The IQMS EDI software's two-way hands-off information exchange translates incoming files directly into EnterpriseIQ and automatically generates outgoing files for transfer back to customers and suppliers. EnterpriseIQ eliminates manual data entry of incoming forecasts and releases and provides accurate generation of outgoing messages such as Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs).

  • Outbound transactions generated in trading partner format directly from the system.
  • Business rules generate exception documents to ensure data integrity.
  • Two-way EDI messages supported for true supply chain functionality.
  • Accommodates various industries including the AIAG supply chain business practices.
  • Supports a variety of file formats including: ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Odette, XML, CSV, VDA, and flat-file.
  • Works with any VAN or Web-based communication.
  • Supports FTP transmissions and receipt of files.

EDI eServer

In combination with the EnterpriseIQ EDI module, IQMS offers a unique eServer functionality designed to save you time and decrease manual interaction. Set up as a separate server, eServer allows for continuous, automatic background processing of inbound and outbound EDI transactions.


The EnterpriseIQ EDI module meets the strictest of labeling requirements for all major automotive manufacturers, retail corporations, and other industries.

Honda of North America, Inc. Approved

EnterpriseIQ is one of the few ERP software solutions that is approved by Honda of North America, Inc. to meet their stringent EDI requirements in multiple functional areas. Used by many automotive manufacturers, the IQMS Honda of North America, Inc. Implementation Program is a single-source, comprehensive solution to ensure compliance with Star, Delta, and GPCS certification. This includes all required EDI templates, all required label creation, creation of ASNs to verify software installation and supplier capability.

Transaction Sets

EnterpriseIQ EDI software supports an extensive list of transactions set mappings as well as an intuitive template mapping tool to allow you to easily manage and add new transaction sets.

Trading Partners

Spanning a multitude of industry segments, EnterpriseIQ’s EDI module supports hundreds of trading partners. IQMS continually develops an additional average 10% more trading partners a year to offer you a comprehensive and complete package for any business that fits your specific industry.