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Enterprise Resource Planning Software to Help Manufacturing Companies Run Lean, Profitable, and Collaborative 

IQMS provides manufacturers the best choice for reliable, real-time Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed especially for manufacturing processes. Whether you are a small, single plant manufacturer or a large multi-plant, global manufacturer, IQMS has a manufacturing-specific ERP solution to fit your needs.

Benefits of IQMS ERP Software

Due to the comprehensive nature of the system, the EnterpriseIQ ERP Software solution becomes the backbone for manufacturers to monitor, track, trace and communicate business and manufacturing activities and data throughout the supply chain faster than any other software on the market today.  The scalable, modular architecture of EnterpriseIQ provides manufacturers the flexibility to take advantage of more advanced ERP software and manufacturing software features and functionality when needed. As a result, manufacturers can be assured of:

  • Demand driven, on-time delivery
  • Eliminating unnecessary downtime
  • Expedited order/shipping processing and accuracy with eCommerce and EDI
  • Accurate and timely scheduling and planning
  • Compliance to industry, government and customer standards
  • Minimized inventory costs
  • Maximized plant floor throughput
  • Complete tracking and traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Efficient and timely communication
  • Competitive pricing
  • A world class infrastructure for managing growth and changes to your business
  • Quicker ROI

The EnterpriseIQ ERP Software System:

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ERP Software System Modules from IQMSCRM provides employees information to deliver an exceptional customer and supplier experience. Estimating and Quoting  takes into account all aspects of the quoting process including material, overhead, labor, and outsourced operations as well as commission calculations. EDI/XML enables you to meet customer demands for eCommerce transactions Optimize sales and order management with a comprehensive suite of quoting, order and shipping and sales management tools. Advanced Payable and Receivable Management and Analysis IQMS Financial Management system is a comprehensive accounting and general office management program. EnterpriseIQ Planning goes beyond just scheduling with functionality that includes; Capable to Promise, Forecasting, Planning, MRP, MPS and Optimized Scheduling With EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing Inventory and Warehouse Management modules, controlling inventory and costs has never been easier. EnterpriseIQ Job Costing provides detailed tracking, analysis, and reporting tools to identify the true costs and profit margins of your operation. EnterpriseIQ Business Intelligence leverages the data within EnterpriseIQ to bring Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and analysis to your fingertips. Quality Management System provides tools to help meet compliance to stringent quality standards. Boost the efficiency and productivity of your plant with the powerful EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing and Production Control Modules. Human Capital Managment odules provides the tools to track and manage human resources from prospective employee recruitment to skills tracking and benefit and payroll management. Manufacturers around the globe rely on IQMS to optimize their supply chains with demand planning, order mgmt, inventory mgmt,vendor managed inventory. Ecommerce, and KPI functionality IQMS shipping module ensures you have all the tools you need to meet shipping requirements and respond to customer needs EnterpriseIQ Utilities that will enhance the value of your ERP solution