News - June 24, 2015

In-Line Vehicle Sequencing Software for Automotive Suppliers

IQMS debuted a new automated in-line vehicle sequencing (ILVS) solution in June at the Big M tradeshow in Detroit. The ILVS application tracks and associates every piece with a reusable tote or container, allowing the required traceability, compliance, and parts history documentation required by automotive suppliers.

“Label control is one of the primary quality issues automotive manufacturers struggle with today,” said Randy Flamm, CEO at IQMS. “It doesn’t matter if the parts are perfect – if they are labeled incorrectly, then the whole batch is rejected. Add to that requirement a quick turnaround of typically four hours or less and there is no room for error. Our ILVS application helps our automotive manufacturers deliver the right parts, in the right order, on time every single time.”...more

Why Big Data and Baseball Aren't So Different

In major league baseball, there are an average of 15 games a day (or 144 innings, 1000 at bats and 4400 pitches a day) for 180 days a year. But for an interested fan, data from all those games is not that hard to keep track of and understand. Why? The Big Data has been recorded by the official scorekeeper and reduced to concise and familiar charts by the sports industry.

This same process of using familiar charts to analyze statistics can apply to the Big Data generated by your factory. Learn how integrated tools, such as ERP, MES and Business Intelligence dashboards, can span your entire operation and allow you to harness your Big Data. Download our feature article to learn more.

Four IQMS Customers Recognized as Top Manufacturing Leaders

Congratulations to the following IQMS customers recognized for their breakout achievements in the manufacturing industry:

  • AMA Plastics - Enterprise Technology Leadership
  • Specialty Manufacturing, Inc - Next-Generation Leadership
  • Tessy Plastics LLC - Engineering and Production Technology Leadership
  • Marcia Coulson, president at Eldon James Corp - Visionary Leadership

The recognition ceremony was held at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit, June 4th in Carlsbad, California...more

Learn How IQMS ERP Software Helped Horizon Die Become a Better Manufacturer

Horizon Die is a company that is pushing the envelope on technology. They take on the tough technical challenges other metal stamping suppliers decline. As a premier provider of high speed, high volume, tight-tolerance, precision metal stampings having all production and order requirements at their finger tips is crucial to their growth and success.

Watch this short video to learn how IQMS manufacturing ERP solution is helping Horizon Die control costs, plan production and meet the challenges of manufacturing a high volume manufacturing facility.

IQFeature of the Week -- Automated Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

EnterpriseIQ's shop floor data flows automatically into a simple, intuitive presentation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) factors?

IQMS customers are continuously commended on the details and thoroughness of the data provided in quality audits and the EnterpriseIQ Quality software has proven to be “invaluable” in providing this data. Realizing that all companies should have the opportunity to purchase modules to help simplify and ensure quality needs, even on a limited budget, IQMS developed a module approach to pricing. Now companies of all sizes, even those on a limited budget, have the opportunity to purchase quality software that is integral to specific quality certifications.

IQMS understands the key to your success as a manufacturer relies on your ability to take action and respond instantly to fluctuations in machine availability, performance and quality. That is why our OEE solution automatically collects real-time shop floor data from the EnterpriseIQ MES modules and instantly delivers it to key personnel on a desktop or other mobile device. Whether you are managing a single site or multiple manufacturing locations, the dynamic OEE tracking, analyzing and flexible reporting features allow you to monitor trends, and facilitate continuous improvement efforts, as well as drill down to granular details within other ERP, MES and Quality modules.

Learn more about the IQMS OEE Solution. 

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