News - August 06, 2014

Using the Internet of Things to Bridge ERP Software and the Shop Floor

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a modern “renaissance” thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).  In a recent guest blog post on, IQMS Vice President Glenn Nowak highlights how through highly connected IP networks, the IoT is bridging the gap between the shop floor and ERP software to allow for the dissemination of information in real time, from the factory floor to the front office.

The advantages of the Internet of Things in combination with an ERP system are substantial and significant. Learn how the combined power of both technologies is the magic formula that will move your manufacturing company forward in new and exciting ways...more

9 Tips for Selecting and Deploying an ERP System

Deploying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an expensive proposition, not just in terms of licensing dollars (SLA) and maintenance, but in terms of dedicated resources and time. And yet all too often, organizations, dazzled by vendor promises and hype -- Deploy our ERP software and your manufacturing business will instantly run smoother and increase profits! -- fail to come up with a viable long-term (or even short-term) roadmap.

To help organizations increase the odds of a successful ERP deployment, with the help of IQMS and other ERP and change management experts, came up with an ERP selection and implementation tip sheet. Read their nine tips on how to choose an ERP software solution and successfully deploy it.

Six Months into 2014 IQMS Experiences Continued Growth and Forecasts a Vibrant Remainder of the Year

The outset of IQMS' 25th anniversary has delivered steady and continued growth in all areas of the company, including customers, employees, revenue, locations, award recognitions and more.

Notable accomplishments include:

  • Opening of a second 30,000 square foot building at the IQMS corporate headquarters in Paso Robles, CA
  • Opening of additional sales and training offices in Mexico City and Charlotte, N.C.
  • Increase in the number of customers choosing to host EnterpriseIQ in the Cloud
  • Prestigious manufacturing industry awards for both IQMS and IQMS customers
  • Release of a new version of EnterpriseIQ ERP and MES system
  • Release of several new modules including Advanced WMS and web shopping portal

Read more about IQMS' half year review.

Visit IQMS at Upcoming Tradeshows and Conferences

IQMS is headed into a very busy tradeshow schedule. If you are planning to attend any of the following events be sure to stop by our booth and see the latest advances in ERP and shop floor technology that will help you run more efficiently and profitably.

IQFeature of the Week -- Cost of Quality

Did you know that...EnterpriseIQ can identify how costs associated with poor quality affect your bottom line?

Businesses lose money every day because their product or service was not done right in the first place. In some cases, this can run from 15 to 30 percent of their total costs. The EnterpriseIQ Cost of Quality module will help to drive tighter cost control by allowing manufacturers to identify and eliminate poor quality and high production costs in areas such as rejects, unscheduled machine downtime, and returns or reworking. Contact IQMS for more information on how you can start improving your plant efficiency.

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